An injured driver was trapped in a van after a collision with a tractor in Bridport late last night (Tuesday).

Fire crews, police and paramedics were all mobilised to St Andrew's Road at 11.11pm.

Firefighters from Bridport and Beaminster fire stations had to remove the door of the van using hydraulic cutting gear to free the injured driver.

The casualty was then able to walk to the ambulance, the fire service have reported.

Crews then had to isolate the battery of the van to make it safe and prevent the situation escalating.

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The road was closed to allow the recovery of the tractor and van, and while police investigated the collision.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people that call the emergency services to think 'REACT', an acronym for the best procedure, which is:

R Ring 999

E Exact location

A All vehicles involved

C Casualty numbers

T Anybody trapped