A tractor owner is 'devastated' after his vehicle was badly damaged in this year's WillDoes tractor run, writes Tom Harris.

Phil Trim's tractor sustained heavy damage after it was involved in a collision with a car on the annual event which saw more than 50 tractors take part in a convoy to raise money in memory of Dorset teenager William Paddy, who took his own life in 2019 aged just 14.

The 1982 1255XL tractor that was hit in the collision is close to Phil's heart after he had promised his wife Jane, who passed away from cancer in 2018, that he would restore it, a process which cost around £20,000 to undertake.

Phil said: "The tractor is one of the first I ever had in my business. It is 35 years old. I promised my wife when she was ill that we would restore it.

"I said that it would raise money for her. Which it has it has raised £60,000 in various runs over the years.

"I am totally devastated. How anyone got out alive I really don't know."

Two people were taken to hospital as a result of the crash although their injuries were thought not to be serious.

The accident took place at around 6.30pm on Saturday, December 11 on the Old Sherborne Road near Cerne Abbas.

Phil's nephew, who was driving the tractor at the time, was injured in the incident but didn't visit hospital until the following day, where it was revealed he had sustained a small fracture in his neck.

Despite the severity of the damage to the tractor Phil is hoping to have the beloved machine restored in time for the summer so that it can be used for tractor rides around the farm that have proved popular in years gone by - although this won't be an easy task.

He said: "It isn't going be a five minute job. The hardest bit will be resourcing all the parts.

"We might have to drive to France to get bits but I have people who will help. Everybody is happy to help, they can see what it meant to us. We will rebuild it.

"It will be done by the summer and when it is done it'll be a big relief. It deserves to be back out there."