The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 24, is as follows.

The total stock was 5,692 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an incredible Store Cattle trade for the time of year when 937 topped at £1,340


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry overall but a larger entry of milking cattle than last week, when 71 were penned and sold.

All breeds represented. Best Holstein heifers to £2080 for Arrijan Farming Ltd, Glos. Others to £2000 from Summerfield & Son, Oxford. £1880 from LO Morgan, Tewkesbury; £1880 from AP Ractliffe, Gloucester; £1870 from FG Summerhayes & Son; £1820 from RH Webb; £1780 (2x) from GJ & FL Robertson and JG Morgan from Gloucestershire. British Friesian dispersal sale heifer to £1480 for DEW & WE England, Cardiff.

Good run of cows to £1740 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Others £1660 for a Marshview 2nd calver from Snook Ltd and £1600 and £1520 from DH & DA Winter. British Friesian cows to £1540, £1520 and £1440 all from DEW & WE England’s dispersal.

The final dispersal for the Bolderston Family from Suffolk saw their pedigree Marshview Holsteins to £1500. Ayrshire 5th calver to £1080. Jersey cows to £1080 and heifers to £1050.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a big “housing” entry of 937 store cattle, part of a massive 1340 with the sucklers and stirks, met a much keener trade. More fresh buyers around the ring looking to fill sheds and very keen to secure numbers. 33% more cattle on the year and still £140 up on the year. This week’s average was up £20 on the week, when some grand steers were on offer.

Top was £1340 for a tremendous feeding white Charolais steer (21m & FA) from MR Wall, East Lyng, who sold further super feeding white Charolais steers at £1300 (7x 30/32m & FA) £1285 (3x 31/32m & FA) £1250 (4x 18/29m & FA) and £1170 (3x 21/27m & FA).

Well bred Charolais steers at £1215 (19/20m) W Hilborne & Son, Easton; £1165 (2x 18/19m & FA) H Webb & Son, Henley; £1155 (19m) JG Warfield, Limington; £1120 (only 17m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna; £1100 (5x 18/21m & FA) £1090 (6x 17/18m & FA) and £1075 (3x 22/26m & FA) Ham Farm Partners, Creech St Michael; £1095 (17/18m & FA) HW Pearce, Olveston and £1095 again (24/26m & FA) Hutton & Sons, Hallen. Very smart pure Simmental steers at £1270 (19m & FA) £1215 (2x 19m & FA) and £1205 (2x 19m & FA) H Webb & Son again. Further Simmentals to £1260 (19m) W Hilborne & Son again and £1105 (28m & FA) from DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again.

Forward Limousin steer at £1255 (29m & FA) from DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again. Further forward Limousins at £1250 (5x 21/26m & FA) IG & GS Roberts, Norton Fitzwarren. Very shapely, lean Limousin steer at £1250 again (18m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott, who also sold another at £1205 (19m & FA). Fleshed Limousin (30m & FA) at £1195 from HW Pearce again. Quality reds at £1180 (4x 24/25m & FA) R Jones & Son, Dulverton. Well bred types at £1180 (17m & FA) and £1110 (18m & FA) PA Strawbridge again and £1165 (18/21m & FA) H Webb & Son again. Fit Blue steer at £1255 (only 17m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold another at £1215 (18m & FA). Big frame Blue at £1200 (23m & FA) LL Tidball, Loxbeare. Shapely yet very lean Blue at £1140 (27m) RB Macklin, Crewkerne. Well grown Blue £1135 (27m) P & S Llewellyn, Oakford. Further good Blues £1110 (2x 26m & FA) and £1070 (26m & FA) from PA Tylor, Helston; £1105 (22/24m & FA) £1085 (22/23m & FA) and £1075 (22m & FA) WP Porter & Son, East Lambrook; £1100 (27m & FA) Ham Farm Partners again; £1100 (21m & FA) FJ & PM Cottrell, Bathealton; £1090 (27m & FA) SJ Reed, Uplowman and £1075 again (8x 21/22m & FA) R & D Passmore, Instow. Some smart Salers at £1200 (2x 23m & FA) from AL & JL Burrough, West Buckland and £1165 (only 17m & FA) WJ Bown again.

Native steers topped at £1260 for a grand Angus (23m, FA & sire) from H Webb & Son again. Fleshed Angus at £1200 (4x 23/25m & FA) and £1145 (23/25m, FA & sire) from HC Derryman & Son, Yarcombe. Good Angus at £1140 (3x 23/24m, FA & sire) and £1070 (7x 23/24m & FA) from CJ Board & Partners, Lottisham; £1125 (25m & sire) RB Macklin again; £1105 (17m, FA & sire) IG & GS Roberts again; £1105 again (17m & sire) Heal & Squire, Glastonbury; £1100 (17m & sire) P & S Llewellyn again and £1060 (4x 26/28m, sires 2x) R Stevens, Oakford. Hereford steers peaked at £1190 (2x 26m, FA & sires) from Hutton & Sons, Hallen. Others £1095 (6x 24m & sires) and £1060 (6x 24m & sires) FE Luff, Lympsham; £1090 (11x 22/28m, FA & sires) HW Pearce, Olveston and £1050 (8x 17m/21m, FA & sires) PJ Betty, Othery. South Devons at £1065 (17/19m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again.

Dairy bred steers peaked at £995 for a Fleckvieh (23m) from RG & SA Stone, North Newton. Normandy steers at £980 (16/17m & FA) PJ Betty again. Holsteins sold to £955 (23m & FA) from TH & CL Johnson, Membury who sold others at £870 (3x 25/26m & FA). Further framed Holsteins £920 (31m) PM Willis, Glastonbury; £825 (25m & FA) JR & RH Williams, Pilning; £810 (24m & FA) RM & HJ Herrod, Axminster; £800 (24m & FA) SG Harraway, Burtle and £760 (7x 13/23m & FA) RG Greenway & Son, Bathealton. Friesian at £875 (20m) JG Warfield again. Further Fleckvieh at £800 (2x 25m & FA) SG Harraway again.

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Heifers very keen to £1210 twice for two superb Limousins, both 18m and FA, from WJ Bown again. Quality Limousin heifers at £1180 (22/23m & FA) PA Strawbridge again. Very shapely red Limousin at £1155 (23m & FA) MW & S Edwards, Congresbury, who sold another at £1040 (also 23m & FA). A very shapely black Limousin at £1150 (19m) Maddock & son, Luxborough. Fit dairy cross at £1080 (25m & FA) IG & GS Roberts again. Fleshed Limousin at £1000 (2x 22m & FA) from BJ Pepperd, Westonzoyland. Well grown suckler bred types also at £1000 (19/21m & FA) from FJ & PM Cottrell, Bathealton. Fit Blonde at £1180 (18m & FA) SER Hunt again. Blues peaked at £1150 for a real shape, lean black Blue (25m) from Maddock & Son again who sold another roan at £1085 (24m). Fit dairy bred Blues at £1135 (3x 23/24m & FA) from LL Tidball again. Well grown Blues £1080 (4x 26m & FA) PA Tylor again. Charolais heifers to £1150 for an extreme shape, lean type (18m) from Maddock & Son again. £1150 again for a smart feeding Charolais (19m) from JG Warfield again, who sold others at £1085 (3x 19/20m). Good bunch at £1040 (5x 18/19m) Maddock & Son again.

Native heifers to £1200 for a fit Hereford (24m & FA) from JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine. Further fit Hereford at £1160 (27m, FA & sire) BJ Pepperd again. Fit Herefords again at £1080 (24/26m, FA & sire) and £1040 (25/26m, FA & sire) from Hutton & Sons again. Fit Devon heifers (3x 26/27m) at £975 from CR Pardoe & Son, Fiddington. Angus to £955 for good feeding types (17/18m & sires) from Heal & Squire again.

20 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of grazing cows sold to £1025 for a Limousin cross cow (03.14) from KJ & LC Popham. Others £990 and £830 both from KJ & LC Popham again.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of sucklers sold at £1380 for a BRB cross cow (07.10) and her Limousin cross steer calf (05.20) from A Janes.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of stirks forward saw a continuation of the fast trade. Heifers in particular were well sold.

Top price of £1085 (10m) for a top drawer Limousin steer from Staplegrove Livestock Ltd. Further good Limousins shot to £965 (5x only 6m) £795 (only 5m) RA Alford; £790 (3x 6m) £785 (2x 6m) £775 (6m) £680 (5m) J Sherwin; £780 (3x 7m) £645 (6m) E & IW Studley; £750 (7m) £720 (7m) £660 (3x 6m) EW Underhill & Son; £740 (5m) £735 (6m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £720 (7m) RGF & TSW Partnership; £695 (10m) JW & JA Wotton and £635 (8m) M Waite. An excellent run of Charolais from KC & JC Heard shot to £970 (only 5m) £950 (6m) and £810 (6m). Further Charolais to £758 (8m) EW Underhill & Son again; £735 (2x) CFJ & PJ Street; £715 (8m) RGF & SW Partnership and £640 (3x 4m) R Skelley. An excellent run of suckled bred British Blues from EW Underhill & Son sold to £855 (7m) £845 (7m) £810 (7m) £785 (8m) £775 (7m) £765 (7m) £755 (7m) and £695 (7m). Further British Blues to £830 (10m) LT Harvey & Sons; £770 SE & TL Lye; £745 (9m) E & HM Sheldon & Son and £740 (13m) CFJ & PJ Street again. Saler to £770 (12m) Westcott Farms. Simmentals to £760 (2x 13m) ER Adams. Few Herefords forward sold to £680 GR Baker & Son, when others sold to £620 (3x 7m) BH Chapman & Sons. Blonde to £680 (6m) J & G Howieson. Few Angus forward sold to £520 (6m) R Skelley again.

Heifers in strong demand and sold to £895 (2x) for Blondes from CFJ & PJ Street again, who sold another to £675. Charolais to £795 (only 9m) from KC & JC Heard again, who sold others to £760 (2x 9m) £745 (6m) and £735 (4x 6m). Further Charolais to £750 (8m) P Skelley; £675 CFJ & PJ Street again; £650 (10m) BJ Hoyles; £645 (7m) RGF & TSW Partnership again; £610 (2x 13m) Westcott Farms again; £595 (5x 7m) £590 (4x 7m) R Skelley and £590 (8m) EW Underhill & Son again. Limousins to £760 (8m) M Waite again; £730 (9m) LT Harvey & Sons again; £695 (6m) RA Alford again; £680 (6m) EW Underhill & Son again; £660 (4x) SE & TL Lye again; £650 (7x 6m) E & IW Studley again; £620 (6m) J Sherwin again and £605 Westcott Farm again. British Blues from £725 (7m) EW Underhill & Son again, who sold others to £710 (7m) £690 (7m) £675 (7m) £635 (7m) £620 (7m) £615 (7m) and £570 (7m). Further British Blues to £685 (11m) LT Harvey & Sons again; £665 (2x 12m) Westcott Farms again; £625 (4x 12m) CJ & J Lang and £585 (10m) JD Lock. Simmentals to £545 WAM Lee. Herefords to £535 (2x 12m) A Ingram and Angus to £530 (2x 11m) LT Harvey & Sons again.


Beef Breeds (355) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 517 calves, which continues to ensure buyers keep coming from across the Country. 355 beef calves forward met a buoyant trade throughout, especially seeing competition at the lower end. Top of the day was a suckler bred 8 week old Charolais to £475 from KJ & LC Popham. Month old Charolais from SM & DM Turner Ltd to £365. Others £355 and £345 from CE Veysey and £310 from SM Godfrey. Suckler bred Simmental to £458 from A Ingram. Younger Simmentals to £295 from CD Griffin & Partners and £195 from JC & MJ Mayo & Son. Reared Blues to £455 from SE & TL Lye. Younger calves to £392 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £380 RA Plowright; £340 KF & LW Mitcham; £325 from CD Griffin & Partners and £315 from EC & LK Parker. Reared Limousins to £405 from SE & TL Lye. Younger Limousins to £290 from H & NM Wall & Sons; £270 from HT & ME Quick and £245 from KJ & LC Popham.

Native bulls to £350 for a reared Angus from JE & PNJ Scott. Younger to £265 from FH & PJ Bailey; £265 from K Manley; £260 from AW Hewlett & Son and £250 from MA & NR Bowditch. Herefords to £275 for a young bull from PJLS Farms Ltd. Others to £240 from DWT, EG & PW Jones and £230 from EG & CS Rowe & Son.

Continental heifers to £385 and £350 for reared Limousins from SE & TL Lye. Younger Limousins to £235 (2x) from TJ Brice and H & NM Wall & Sons and £220 from HT & ME Quick. Two super young Blue heifers from neighbours’ CD Griffin & Partners and Higher Farm Manston Ltd competed for the top price, which went for £375 to Griffin with £360 for Higher Farm Manston. Others £285 and £280 from RA Plowright; £270 JWO Marsh & Partners and £245 from DW Rowe & Son. Young Charolais to £335 and £330 from SM & DM Turner Ltd; £330 and £325 from KJ & LC Popham; £300 (2x) from RA Plowright; £285 RD Knight & Son. Simmentals to £190 from JC & MJ Mayo & Son and £132 from New Farm Bowdens Ltd.

Native heifers to £255 for Angus from JE & PNJ Scott. Others £185 from FE Hill & son; £165 from CJ Look & Son; £160 from JR & RH Wilkins. Herefords to £150 (2x) from Higher Farm Manston Ltd; £148 from GJ & FL Robertson; £135 from PJLS Farms Ltd. Highland heifer to £115 from JW & P Marsh.

Friesians (162) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report 162 dairy sired bull calves saw demand for the stronger types to top at £160 for KF & LW Mitcham. Others £140 from RJ & R Broomfield and £115 (3x) JC & MJ Mayo. Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £40-£60 and plain types £10-£30. Fleckvieh to £200 from RJ, EM & CJ Puddy and Shorthorn to £110 from TJ Brice.

3636 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2465)

A reduced entry of 2465 store lambs sold to an equally buoyant trade, with no signs of a drop in prices. Top call was £92 for a pen of ewe lambs from MJ & RSM Barrow. Other to £90 from JB Carver; £88.50 from R Faulkner; £86 from MV Hone and AJ Willcox; £85 from MJ & RSM Barrow (3 pens) and EG & CS Rowe & Son; £83.50 again from MJ & RSM Barrow; £83 from V Osborne and MG Criddle and £82.50 from V & RA Hunt. Overall average climbing back over £70 to £71.04.

Cull Ewes and Rams (926)

A smaller entry of 926 cull ewes and rams sold to a very similar trade, however the edge seemed to be off the best. Continental ewes to £116 from RC Burrough, who sold others at £110 and £102. Other best types to £106 from HM Braddick; £100 from S & A Bevan and CJ Sage; £95 from AJ Willcox; £94 from CFJ & PJ Street; £90 from K Goddard, SJ O’Brien and HM Braddick; £89 from P & S Eckett; £88.50 from G Dart & Son and C Holloway; £88 from SJ & SJ Finlay; £86.50 from TJ Rowland Farms and RB Bowditch & Son. Medium ewes £60-£75, plain £40-£55 and boners generally all £20 plus. Shapely cull rams continue to meet demand and sold to £132 from CJ & JLM Hutchings & Son. Other best types to £131 and £90. Overall average £61.64.

Breeding Ewes (157)

A small entry of 157 breeding ewes sold to a steady trade. Most of the entry being older ewes sold to £97 for 4T Charollais cross from H & DC Besley Ltd. Full mouths from the same farm to £86. Texel cross ewe lambs to £83 from LAJ England. Overall average £58.96.

Couples (5E & 5L)

A small, very early entry of couples sold to an exceptional demand. Poll Dorset singles to £152 (£76/life) from DJ Winder. Overall average £74.60/life.

Goats (67)

A reasonable entry of 67 goats sold to a competitive trade. A large billy sold at £139 from RA Simmonds. Others to £116.50 from Habberfield Park Farm; £76 from H Attwell and £70 from PJ Bailey. Overall average £49.65.

Stock Rams (11)

A very tight entry of 11 stock rams sold to reasonable demand. Full mouth Charollais to £195 from SR Curtis & Partners. Others of the same breed and age to £185 and £165 from JH Coombes. Overall average £142.14.

128 PIGS

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly reduced entry sold to a strong competitive trade. Weaners (52) Good entry with runs of weaners from P Clark sold to £51. Others £46 from R Hares. Tamworth weaners from Tregothman Estate, Truro to £38.

Cull Sows (8) Trade again stronger when the best sold to £138 from S Darlow. Medium weights to £118 from RJ Phelps and £110 from DR Hutchings.

Forward Stores (68) Another very good entry sold to a wonderful trade. Top of the day £144 for a pen of heavies from RJ Maltby. A good run from LE Miller & Son sold to £132. Light gilts from R Turner to £131. Pen of light Gloucesters to £96 from M Pearson.