The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 17, is as follows.

The total stock was 6167 head.

A tremendous entry of 3075 Store Lambs sold to £96.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much larger entry saw a good trade for the milkers but a much more selective trade for followers, as purchasers think of winter feed costs. Anything undergrown proved very difficult to sell. Best heifers to £1900 (2x) from both John Snook Ltd and FG Summerhayes & Son, who had others to £1810. £1840 from LG Bagg & Partners; £1820 from RL & ME Trott; £1820 from M & K Churchill & Son; £1820 from Snook Ltd; £1800 (2x) and £1720 all from R Puddy & Son; £1740 from Ham Farm Partners; £1720 from JH & SA Denbee also RC Taylor and £1700 from RJ Goss & Son.

Only a few cows to £1700 from Ham Farm Partners. Others £1560, £1540 and £1460 all from Snook Ltd.

British Friesian heifer calves to £230 (8x) from DJ & WM Warren.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 853 store cattle, part of 1280 with the stirks and sucklers, up again on the year and maintaining the £150 margin over last year’s average at £871.19.

Top was £1325 for four very shapely, lean, red feeding Limousin steers (4x 17/19m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott, who sold another four at £1270 (17/19m & FA). Shapely, yet very lean Limousin at £1250 (20m) from JG Warfield, Limington, who sold others at £1180 (2x 20m). Quality feeding Limousin steers at £1240 (24/25m & FA) from R Jones & Son, Dulverton; £1240 again (25m & FA) and £1110 (26m & FA) SR Bishop & Son, South Perrott and £1175 (17m & FA) PA Strawbridge, Offwell. Blue steers peaked at £1255 for a grand bunch of 11 forward types from SC May, Newton Tracey, who sold another 7 at £1180 (22/23m & FA). More good Blues £1195 (3x 24m & FA) from KD & MA Morgan, Wiveliscombe, who sold others at £1160 (only 17m & FA) £1130 (3x 23/24m & FA) and £1080 (21m & FA); £1185 (19m & FA) £1160 (26m & FA) and £1110 (3x 25/26m & FA) from PA Strawbridge again; £1175 (3x 26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1150 (22m & FA) RB Bowditch & Son, North Bowood; £1120 (5x 21m & FA) and £1090 (8x 21m & FA) R & D Passmore, Instow; £1085 (7x 17/19m & FA) C Stone, Puriton; £1070 (21m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery and £1070 again (5x 26/29m & FA) PA Tylor, Helston.

Very shapely, yet very lean Blonde steers at £1250 (2x 18m & FA) from PA Strawbridge again. Good type Charolais at £1180 (2x 19m) from JG Warfield again. Saler at £1150 (27m & FA) from M Naish, Kenn. Simmental steers to £1125 (23m & FA) B & P Horsey & Son, West Hatch. Others to £1090 (25m & FA) R Webber, Lydeard St Lawrence.

Native steers rose to £1300 for three exceptional Speckle Parks (26/27m & FA) well fleshed and well grown, from N & KA Williams, Henley, who sold others at £1210 (2x 26m & FA) £1205 (27m & FA) and £1150 (3x 26m & FA). Angus steers in excellent demand at £1265 (2x 27m, FA & sire) and £1185 (25m, FA & sires) for fleshed types from HC Derryman & Sons, Yarcombe. Further good Angus £1200 (19m, FA & sire) £1145 (2x 18/19m & sire) £1105 (2x 18m & sire) and £1090 (2x 18/19m & sire) all from C Stone, Puriton; £1160 (31m & FA) IW Preece, Pembroke; £1100 (28m) RG Palmer, Chard and £1095 (5x 15/20m, FA & sire) C Elliott, Nailsea. Hereford steers to £1140 (20m, FA & sire) from MRG Drew, Bishopswood. Others to £1115 (25m & FA) SR Bishop & Son again and £1070 (only 17m) RS & HM Gibbs, Henton. South Devon at £1070 (only 17m & FA) from KD & MA Morgan again.

Dairy bred steers headed again by the Fleckvieh breed. £1160 (24m & FA) and £1140 (26m & FA) for fleshed types from HC Derryman & Sons again. Good Friesians £1040 (23/25m & FA) from B & P Horsey & Son, West Hatch. Big, forward Holsteins at £995 (3x 27/30m) RG Palmer again. Others £915 (4x 19/26m & FA) J Coleman & Sons, Dorchester; £845 (26/29m & FA) The Mowlem Partners, Chard Junction; £830 (20m & FA) Fleckvieh, P & D Symes, Misterton; £830 again (16/20m & FA) black and whites, C Stone again; £805 (33/34m & FA) IW Preece again and £800 (25m & FA) M Naish again.

Heifers sold to £1210 for a well fleshed Fleckvieh (25m & FA) from HC Derryman & Son again. Well fleshed Speckle Parks at £1170 (5x 26/27m & FA) from N & KA Williams again. Very shapely Limousin at £1155 (23m & FA) from PA Strawbridge again. Top quality red Limousin heifer at £1110 (35m & FA) from R Jones & Son again, who sold others at £1100 (4x 25/26m & FA); £1100 (21m) JG Warfield again; £1030 (18m & FA) RW Tapp & Son, South Molton; £1025 (22m & FA) RC Rowe & Son, Upottery and £1020 (27/28m & FA) M Ogborne, Ubley. Well fleshed Blue heifer at £1130 (29m & FA) PA Tylor again. Shapely Blues at £1095 (4x 25/26m & FA) from PA Strawbridge again. Fleshed Blues £1045 (4x 21m & FA) R & D Passmore again, who sold others at £1035 (3x 21m & FA). Forward Blue heifers £1045 (6x 25/26m & FA) from CJ Board & Partners, Lottisham. Quality Charolais at £1120 (20m) JG Warfield again, who sold another at £1050 (19m). Smart Charolais £1025 (4x 24/29m & FA) from M Naish and £1000 (4x 25/26m & FA) Hutton & Sons, Bristol.

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Further native heifers sold to £1100 for fleshed Angus (21/23m, FA & sire) from MRG Drew again and £1100 again (29m) SJ Crossman, Long Sutton. Fit Angus £1075 (4x 23/24m, FA & sire) from RC Rowe & Son again. Well grown Angus £1040 (3x 27/28m & sire) AD & G Heale, Edington and £970 (2x 23m) SJ Crossman again. Limousin heifers at £1055 (2x 28m & FA) from MR & SK Westcott, Porlock.

30 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of grazing cows sold to £955 for a Blonde cross cow (09/14) from AC Goodland. Others £950 and £900 both from B Calder.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of sucklers sold at £940 for a British Blue cow (07/12) and her Hereford cross bull calf (06/20) from M Penfold.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large entry of stirks, when there were some good consignments forward, saw a continuation of the fast trade. Top price of £888 (4x 8m) for Limousin steers from RA & CA Symons. Further good Limousins to £870 (10m) and £820 (10m) RJ Edwards; £852 (4x 11m) £845 (10m) £785 (3x 10m) J Batten; £755 (5x 6m) and £715 (3x 6m) EJ & HM Hull; £705 (only 5m) P Skelly; £670 and £660 A Powell and £665 (6m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins. Top drawer Devon steer shot to £880 (7m) KJ Lamacraft, who sold another to £720 (7m) £675 (7m) and £630 (6m). Herefords to £870 BP Potbury, when others sold to £785 (12m) D Gooding; £700 (2x only 6m) JD Lock; £670 (8m) and £670 (7m) AJ & TJ Hawkins again. Charolais to £865 (9m) JV & RC Pidgeon, who sold others to £780 (2x 9m). Further Charolais to £850 (3x 10m) £800 (2x 10m) £735 (3x 8m) NJ Cooke & Co; £840 (9m) RJ Edwards again; £795 (8m) and £795 again (9m) M Doble; £690 (only 5m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins again and £665 (7m) Springfield Country Hotel. Simmentals to £840 (8m) RJ Edwards again, who sold others to £750 (8m). Further Simmentals to £720 (3x 7m) GTJ Boundy. Angus to £750 (10m) MR & SK Westcott & Son, when others sold to £670 (2x 8m) R & TJ Cutter and £625 P Attwell. Blonde to £715 EJ & JM Hull again, when others sold to £700 (10m) £645 (10m) JC Isaac; £700 (7m) RH & BD Stott & Son. British Blues to £695 (11m) for dairy bred types from A Powell, when others sold to £695 (5x 11m) EA Cox & Son and suckled bred British Blues to £685 (8m) P Skelley; £675 (4x 6m) and £665 (2x only 5m) JA Naish.

Bulls to £705 for a British Blue from RW Cleave, who sold a Charolais to £690 (only 5m) and £675 (only 5m).

Heifers sold to a top price of £765 (2x 10m) for Charolais from NJ Cooke & Co again, who sold others to £615 (2x 9m). Further Charolais to £650 (2x 6m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £645 (2x 6m) M Doble again; £640 (4x 6m) £620 (3x 5m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins again. Limousins to £755 (9m) RJ Edwards again, when others sold to £750 (2x 10m) £740, £680 (5x 10m) J Batten again; £680 (7m) £650 (4x 6m) £640 (5x 7m) £605 (6x 7m) EJ & HM Hull again; £605 (2x 7m) £590 (2x 7m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins again; £605 A Powell and £595 (7m) JD Lock again. Herefords to £700 (13m) D Cowling again, when others sold to £615 M Broadwith and £610 (2x) BP Potbury. British Blues to £650 (13m) A Powell again, when young suckled bred types also shot to £650 (6x only 6m) JA Nash again and £605 (5m) RW Cleave again. Angus to £600 (8m) EJ & HM Hull again, when others sold to £590 (9m) R & TJ Lutter again and £572 (4x) RW Hammett. Blonde to £625 (10m) JC Isaac again. Simmentals to £580 (10m) E & D Derebag, when others sold to £570 (8m) RJ Edwards again. Devons to £580 (3x) J Vellacott, when others sold to £560 (only 6m) KJ Lamacraft again and £540 (9m) CDG Cooper.


Beef Breeds (329) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reasonable entry of 400 calves met a more buoyant trade, in particular for the middling calves. Top of the day was £425 for a reared Blue from EW, SJ & TW Scolding. Month old to £400 and £375 from LH, JE & SJ Lyons; £375 from FE Hill & Son; £370 from R & EJ Phillips and £345 from MW Nash Farming Ltd. Young Charolais to £420 from GA Quick & Sons. Super Simmentals from R Hares to £350 and £302. Others £308 from P Frost. Limousins to £305 from SR Curtis & Partners; £302 from R Hares and £295 from N & B Hutton.

Native bulls to £305 for a young Hereford from House & Sons. Others £292 from Cavill & Sons and £290 from R & J Tibbs. Angus to £268 and £255 from MW Nash Farming Ltd; £240 from AW Hewlett & Son and £235 from JN Wyatt.

Heifers to £345 (2x) for Charolais from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Others £315 (2x) from RA Plowright. Blues to £342 (2x) from FE Hill & Son; £295 (2x) from EC & LK Parker and £285 from MW Nash Farming Ltd. Limousins to £280 from RA Plowright and £200 from SR Curtis & Partners. Simmentals to £170 from NAC Taylor and £135 from Seaborough Manor Ltd.

Native heifers to £280 for Angus from FE Hill & Son. Others £232 (2x) from S & H Persey Ltd; £195 from WJ Bailey & Son and £192 from RL & ME Trott. Herefords to £200 from AK & CM Quick; £180 from DWT, EG & DW Jones; £175 from Snook Ltd and £165 from House & Sons.

Friesians (71) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly reduced entry of dairy sired bull calves sold to another respectable trade. Best black and whites to £240 and £175 for reared (4m) bulls from T & L Cherry. Decent rearing calves to £125 Seaborough Manor. Others £102 from JN Wyatt; £95 (4x) from EC & LK Parker. Fleckviehs to £220 from Seaborough Manor; £210 and £155 (2x) from JW & P Marsh. Norwegians to £105 from JL Bartlett. Ayrshire to £98 from House & Son Ltd. Best rearers £80 plus, mediums £50-£60 and plainer types £20-£30.

4366 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (3075)

Another entry of store lambs in excess of 3000 when 3075 were sold. Top call was £96 from PA Cullins. Other heavy types to £95 from LJ Ralph; £93.50 from R Faulkner; £91 from J & E Nuttall; £90.50 from C Peach; £88.50 from R Faulkner; £88 from CD Byrne, J & E Nuttall and CHJ French & Sons; £87.50 from R Chaddock and MJ & RSM Barrow; £87 from MD Burrough and £86 from MJ Patch. Overall average £69.44.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1153)

A near identical sized entry of 1153 cull ewes and rams sold to a similar trade, being slightly easier for the medium types. Best of the continental ewes to £119 from FJ & CN Burrough. Others to £105 from Pikes Farm; £104 from Twose Farms; £102 from A & N Pearce; £100 from MJ Bulled; £98 from SG Harraway; £97.50 from A O’Brien; £96 from MJ Bulled; £95 from B Davis and FJ & CN Burrough. Cull rams met a firm trade and sold to £122 from A & N Pearce. Others to £114 from SG Yates; £101 from LAJ England and £94 from MJ Bulled. Medium ewes £60-£75, plain £40-£55 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £63.80.

Breeding Ewes (111)

A modest entry of 111 breeding ewes sold to limited interest. Suffolk Mules to £113 from JC Thorne. Texel shearlings to £100 from H Carnell. Overall average £74.80.

Goats (17)

A small entry of 17 goats sold to £96 from M Brown, who sold others at £67. Others to £60.50 from WD & AM Jamison. Overall average £56.82.

Stock Rams (10)

A small entry of 10 stock rams sold to a lacklustre trade. Texel shearlings to £150 (2x) and £140 from MEJ Branfield & Sons. Older rams to £120 from DF Cox. Overall average £111.20.