THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, October 12, is as follows. The total stock was 1,385 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a terrific Prime Cattle trade to 222.5ppk & £1,533.98


(113) UTM & (12) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much larger entry of 125 Prime Cattle met another very fast trade. Some very nice cattle on offer.

Top was 222.5ppk for a very shapely, red Limousin heifer from MP & DM Hine, Chard to Palmers Quality Butchers, Weston Super Mare. Quality Limousin heifers from TR Michell, Truro at 218 twice and 207.5ppk to A Wright & Son, Boston, Lincolnshire and 217.5ppk to Court Farm Butchers, Puriton and more again at 209 (2x) and 207.5ppk (2x). Well fleshed Limousin heifers from PJ & BM Coles, Bridgwater met calls of 217.5 and 204.5ppk to Stillmans Ltd, Taunton; 215ppk to A Wright & Son again. Smart Limousin heifer at 214.5ppk from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport. Very lean, feeding Charolais heifers at 209.5 and 206ppk from G Vining, Biddisham. Lightweight (492kg) Limousin at 209ppk from PA Strawbridge, Honiton. Excellent red Limousin heifers at 208.5 and 207.5ppk from N Cottrell, Williton, both to A Wright & Son. Further smart red Limousin heifer at 208.5ppk from A & P Bradford, Bridgwater to The Meat Men, Ilminster. A clean, dunn Limousin also at 207.5ppk from RJ & LA Mitchell & Voke, Chew Stoke to A Wright & Son. 206ppk again for a nicely fleshed Limousin heifer from SER Hunt, Kilve to Stillmans Ltd.

Steers sold to 219ppk for a shapely, leaner, lightweight (565kg) red Limousin from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Exeter, who sold further lightweight Limousin steers at 204.5 (524kg) 199.5 (527kg) and 198.5ppk (516kg). A run of very smart steers saw a Blue at 217.5ppk (516kg) from J & J Meaker & Son again and Limousins at 214.5 (639kg) 210.5 (640kg) and 210.5ppk again (also 640kg). Better type red Limousin steer (550kg) at 212ppk from TR Michell to A Wright & Son.

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Longhorn crosses from the same farm at 206 and 200.5ppk, also to A Wright & Son, when a Simmental steer from TR Michell rose to 201ppk to Stillmans Ltd. Well fleshed steers met calls of 204.5ppk (693kg Limousin) and 201ppk (670kg Blue) from PJ & BM Coles again. Feeding Simmental steers at 199.5 twice and 198.5ppk from BA Sweet, Congresbury, who also sold a lean Charolais at 198.5ppk. Well fleshed Limousin steer at 199ppk from SER Hunt again to Stillmans Ltd. Native steers rose to 199.5ppk for an Angus from MF Bathard & Sons, Bristol.

Steers sold to a tremendous £1,533.98 for a 905kg Blue from R & G Speed, Axminster. Heavyweight Simmental (895kg) at £1,499.13 from DJ & AM Morris, Northleigh. 838kg Charolais at £1,428.79 from CG, GR & MS Spiller, Upottery. Lighter steers at £1,418.36 (733kg Limousin) from FG Payne & Sons, Wellington; £1,417.19 (693kg Limousin) from PJ & BM Coles and £1,400.03 (733kg Blue) from Vigar & Son, Langport.

Heavyweight heifers at £1,453.40 (676kg Limousin) £1,392.92 (718kg Blue) £1,322.40 (608kg Limousin) £1,282.22 (627kg Limousin) and £1,268.68 (644kg Charolais) all from PJ & BM Coles. £1,309.38 was realised by G Vining, for a 625kg Charolais. Many further heifers £1200 plus.

OTM heifers to £1,439.10 (780kg Limousin) and £1,380.23 (717kg Limousin) both from F & M House & Son.


Auctioneer’s Comments: Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly increased, yet still short entry of 59 cull cows met another very fast trade.

Top was 149.5ppk for a 49m, extreme shape red Limousin heifer from B Bull & Son, Powerstock, who also sold a good Limousin cow at 137.5ppk. Well fleshed Blue cow at 143.5ppk and a Simmental at 134.5ppk from TJ Samways & Son, North Perrott. Further smart Simmental cow at 139.5ppk from R Binning, Draycott.

Native cows rose to 133.5ppk for a well fleshed Devon from J & M Luscombe, South Brent. Angus cows at 133.5ppk from TJ Samways & Son again; 129.5 and 127.5ppk from JH Brewer, Watchet and 126.5ppk from AK & G Quinn, Taunton. Herefords also to 126.5ppk from LC Hellier & Son, Wells.

Sucklers sold to £1,142.19 and £1,106.70 for 882 and 868kg Angus from JH Brewer.

Meat dairy bred cows very keenly wanted to 134.5ppk for a Holstein from R & J Jones & Son, Stogursey, who sold others at 133.5 and 121.5ppk. More fed Holsteins at 133.5, 127.5, 121.5 and 120.5ppk from P & M Eccles, Bradford on Tone; 132.5 and 128.5ppk, CG & WL Rich & Son, Yarcombe; 131.5ppk, The Mowlem Partnership, Chard and 124.5ppk, AE Vile & Son, North Curry.

Dairy breeds sold to the day’s top of £1,230.68 for a boat of a Holstein (915kg) from R & J Jones & Son, who sold another at £1,054.65 (790kg). Further big Holsteins at £1,046.75 (790kg) from CG & WL Rich & Son and £1,042.64 (781kg) P & M Eccles. Many cows £900 plus.


Auctioneer’s Comments: Greenslade Taylor Hunt report more lambs forward at 1201 head sold to a slightly dearer trade for all presented. The best sold to 239, 233, 213 and 210ppk from R Sherry. Others 231 and 221ppk (2x) from WGF Chave & Son; 230 and 226ppk from RB Cox; 225, 213 and 212ppk from DM & DM Ginger; 223ppk from DEJ Rainey; 218ppk from L Habberfield; 215 and 213ppk from MG Limond (Land) Co Ltd and 210ppk from GB & MA Holloway and R Stevens.

Heavier lambs sold to £126 from TL Attwell. Others £119 and £109 from DJ & DA Bloyce; £118 from DEJ Rainey; £117 from CHJ Atwell & Sons; £116 from PJ Holloway; £115 and £113 from RB Cox; £113.50 from GB & MA Holloway; £113 from WGF Chave & Son; £111 from BAV & JE Scriven; £110 from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd and £109 from L Habberfield & Sons and R & K Dorpman. Overall average £89.96.