THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, August 10, is as follows. The total stock was 1709 head.

(118) UTM & (11) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 129 prime cattle met a flier. Butchers’ type cattle exceptionally well sold. Best type shapely cattle very dear.

Top was 223ppk for a very shapely, black 540kg Limousin steer (pictured on Facebook) from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport, which sold to Palmers Quality Butchers of Weston Super Mare, who bought another shapely black Limousin steer from the same farm at 218ppk. A supermarket style red Limousin steer (656kg) from the same farm rose to 222.5ppk. Stillmans (Somerset) Ltd also bought from the Meakers a 603kg black Limousin steer. Puxton Park Butchers bought a 570kg Limousin cross Devon steer from Habberfield Bros, North Newton at 217.5ppk, who also sold a lightweight feeding red Limousin steer (538kg) at 213ppk. Very shapely and beautifully fleshed Blonde steer (601kg) from DJ & VM Norman, Sherborne met a call of 208.5ppk to Court Farm Butchers, Puriton. Puxton Park Butchers bought again also at 208.5ppk for a shapely, well fleshed red Limousin from WJS Camp, Kentisbury, who sold a supermarket grade red Limousin (685kg) at 207ppk. Better continental steers 200ppk plus.

Native steers peaked at 200.5ppk for an Angus from Wring & Coombs, Chew Hill. Further Angus 199.5ppk from MF Bathard & Sons, Bristol. Devon steers at 199.5ppk twice from both Habberfield Bros again and GW King, Glastonbury.

Heifers peaked at 222.5ppk for a lightweight (512kg) red Limousin from J & J Meaker & Son again. Court Farm Butchers, Puriton bought quality Limousin heifers at 211ppk (553kg) from RW Darby & Sons, Bridgwater and 203.5ppk (518kg) from Habberfield Bros again and a sweetly fleshed Angus at 209.5ppk from HC Derryman & Sons, Yarcombe. Butchers Stillmans (Somerset) Ltd bought again at 205.5ppk for a shapely and well fleshed Charolais from J & J Meaker & Son again and at 201ppk for another good Charolais from RC Loveridge & Son, Axminster. Supermarket style red Limousin heifer at 205ppk from WSJ Camp again. The Meat Men of Ilminster bought a smart, lightweight red Limousin heifer at 204ppk from RC Loveridge & Son again. Chocolated good Charolais from PJ Hobbs Farm, Minehead at 201.5ppk. Smart Devon at 199ppk from CG & C Vigar, Curry Rivel.

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Steers sold to a tremendous £1,465.48 for an 803kg BRB (OTM) from JM Cload & Partners. UTM steers to £1,459.60 for a 656kg Limousin from J & J Meaker & Son. £1,417.95 was bid for a 685kg Limousin from WJS Camp. Angus steers at £1,385.46 and £1,333.63 from & Coombs. Many steers £1300 plus.

Heifers peaked at an outstanding £1,330.81 for a 706kg Hereford from NJ & HM Baker, Clevedon. 641kg Limousin heifer at £1,314.05 from WJS Camp. Many heifers £1200 plus.

50 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a wholly inadequate entry of 50 cull cows met the dearest trade of the year. Many, Many more cows and bulls wanted.

Top was 156.5ppk for a shapely Blonde from J Trott, Reading, who sold another at 147.5ppk. Heavyweight Simmental at 149.5ppk from CDG Cooper, Weston Super Mare. Beef Shorthorns at 149.5 and 148.5ppk from JR & EA Roberts, Westonzoyland. Angus to 143.5ppk from CJ & JLM Hutchings & Sons, Kings Brompton, who also sold a 55m Angus heifer at 161.5ppk.

Sucklers sold to a tremendous £1,260.29 for the 843kg Simmental from CDG Cooper. Shorthorn (815kg) at £1,210.28 from JR & EA Roberts. Blonde (756kg) at £1,115.10 from J Trott. 780kg Angus at £1,088.10 from Hill & Johnstone, Culmead.

Dairy breeds incredible. Any cow with meat 130ppk plus. Steakers 125ppk plus. Top was 148.5ppk for an 819kg Holstein from J Read & Co, Taunton, who sold others at 143.5 and 136.5ppk. Friesian at 146.5ppk from CJ Mear & Son, Chard. Further Holsteins at 146.5ppk and 138.5ppk from Foremore Ltd, Shepton Mallet, who also sold Brown Swiss at 146.5 and 135.5ppk. Further Holsteins again 141.5 and 138.5ppk, JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine; 135.5ppk, E Gay & Sons, Musbury and 133.5 and 130.5ppk from MD Fone & Sons, Upottery. Further Friesians 143.5ppk, Crocker Farms Ltd, Bridport; 140.5 and 130.5ppk from M Churches, Godney and 135.5ppk from DJ Bray, Parracombe .

Dairy bred cows sold to £1,216.22 for an 819kg Holstein from J Read & Co, who sold another 745kg at £1,069.08. Others £1,140.91, Holstein, E Gay & Sons; £1,117.80, Friesian, CJ Mear & Son; £1,109.01, Brown Swiss and £1,104.61, Holstein from £1,104.61.

1530 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar good number and good quality entry of 1530 lambs sold to another, very strong trade particularly for the best quality lambs regardless of weight. The best sold to 235, 228 and 227ppk for cracking types from RF Patten. Others 229 and 226ppk from PH & ME Buckingham & Son; 227ppk from PJ Wickham & Son and G Barnes; 227 and 225ppk from C Reasons; 226ppk from Loosemoore & Son; 225ppk from P Tapp and RW Brunt; 224ppk from T Parris and 223ppk from TC & SCI Pain, Maddock & Son and DH & KM Edwards and FA Ford.

Heavier lambs sold to £126 and £117.50 from RF Patten. Others £125, £112.50 and £110 from C Reasons; £122 from T Phillips; £121 from BAV & JE Scriven; £120 from Maddock & Son; £118 from DH & K Edwards and FA Ford; £117.50 from TP & JA Cole; £115 from TC & SCI Pain and JM Bryant; £113.50 from G Barnes; £111 from PJ Wickham & Son and £110 from PH & ME Buckingham & Son.