Stags of South Molton report another four figure entry of lambs this week with a slightly better trade as it has lifted a touch across the week due to a shortage throughout the country.

Heavy lambs were up £2-3 per head on last week as well as the medium and handy weight sorts.

There were a number of hill bred lambs bringing the overall average down along with quite a few overfat lambs which abattoirs are finding hard to process.

Top of the day at £87.50 to a pair of 55kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs GE & EJ Nicholls of West Anstey with £85 to 56kg Suffolk from Messrs CJ & LM Hill of Yarnscombe.

£84 twice; the first to 53.5kg Charollais crosses from Messrs DJ & RA Woollacott also of Yarnscombe and the second to 52.5kg Texel crosses from Mr RW Tapp & Son off South Molton.

£83 twice; the first to 50.3kg Texel crosses from Mr RP Williams of Winsford and the second to 52kg Texel crosses from Messrs C & S Maddick of East Anstey.

Closely followed at £82.80 to 52kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone with £82 four times; the first and second to 52kg Charollais crosses again from Messrs Woollacott; the third to 53kg Dorset crosses from Mr MI Britton of Torrington and the fourth to 56kg Suffolks from Mr B Nicholls of Barnstaple.

£81.50 twice; the first to 55kg Charollais crosses from Mr JO Yabsley of Witheridge and the second to 53.8kg Texel crosses from Mr W Parker & Son of North Molton.

Best pens to 174ppk to 43.5kg Texel crosses from Mr SRJ Snell of Ashreigney with 173ppk to 38kg Texel crosses from Mr D Hancock-Teasdale of Clatworthy Mill.

169ppk four times; the first to 44kg Texel crosses from Mr DP Barthram of Rackenford; the second to 45.5kg Charollais crosses from Mrs M Tapp of Molland; the third to 42.6kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone and the fourth to 45kg Texel crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons also of Molland.

168ppk to 45kg Texels again from the Dart Family with six pens at 167ppk; the first to 39kg Texel crosses from Messrs Lucas & Ridge of Chulmleigh; the second to 44.3kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs Dart; the third to 43.8kg Charollais crosses from Mr JO Yabsley of Witheridge; the fourth to 43.7kg Texel crosses from Messrs DL & JM Bray & Son of Knowstone; the fifth to 46.3kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Govier & Son of South Molton and the sixth to 46.8kg Charollais crosses from Mr KW Baker of Poughill.

166ppk twice; the first to 44.3kg Dorset crosses from Mr BR Head of Oakford and the second to 45.8kg Charollais crosses from Mr J Cowle of Winkleigh.

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A smaller but stronger and better-quality entry of cull sheep than we have seen for a number of weeks.

Trade definitely faster with most ewes up £3-4 per head.

Again buyers reporting that a shortage of numbers in markets this week have made the cull trade generally firmer.

Quite a few pens around or above the £80 mark and a much better trade for mules with lots of pens over the £60 mark.

Top of the day at £89 for a Blue Faced Leicester from Mr B Nicholls of Barnstaple with £86 to shapely Texels from Mr NA Cooke of Torrington.

£85 to Texels from Mr N Rottenbury of Heasley Mill whose second followed closely at £84.50.

£84 to a Charollais from Messrs Bonners Farm of Burrington with £82 to Suffolk crosses from Mr WH Squire of Swimbridge.

£81 to Suffolk Mules from Mr W Milton of Chapeltown closely followed at £80.50 to similar bred ewes from Mr W Smale of North Molton.

£79.50 twice; the first to Scotch Half Breds from Mr L Gillbard of Black Dog and the second to Suffolk Mules from Mrs M Tapp of Molland.

£79 to a pair of Suffolks from Mr GC Thomas of Burrington closely followed at £78.50 for a Charollais from Mrs Tapp.

£78 to Mr Rottenbury’s third pen of Texels with £77.50 twice both to Suffolk cross pens; the first to Mr SW White of Ilfracombe and the second to Mr W Parker & Son of North Molton.

£76.50 three times all to Suffolk Mules and second pens from Mr Milton, Mr Squire and Mr Thomas.