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The South West Farmer Award winners 2019

Now in its sixth year, South West Farmer Awards give the farming industry in the west country a chance to stand up and be recognised with an emphasis on future and forward thinking farmers.

Supported by industry experts, the event gives local farmers, suppliers, breeders and everyone involved in the industry the recognition they deserve for the tremendous work they do throughout the year.

Have you, or do you know someone who has given 100 per cent and achieved great things this year? Or someone who has made a difference to the face of farming this year?

Nominations are now open for this year’s South West Farmer Awards.

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The awards categories are as follows:

Sheep Farmer of the Year

We are looking to recognise the skills of a sheep farmer who has demonstrated a comprehensive approach to the management of their flock. This should include consideration of the breeding programme, selection of rams, parasitic control, grassland management, rationing protocols and measures of performance. We want to reward those that have gone the extra mile, whether in terms of animal welfare, contribution to the community, being a voice for sheep farmers or sustainability.

Beef Farmer of the Year

This award recognises the skills of a beef farmer who has shown an outstanding, unique and tailored approach to the breeding, rearing and finishing of healthy livestock, with high values of animal welfare as a key priority. A strong grassland and forage management strategy will be evident, alongside a strong identity within the beef farming community. The integration of new approaches and technologies specific to the sector will be a key part of business development and future planning.

Dairy Farmer of the Year

We are looking to reward a dairy farmer that has an outstanding approach to animal welfare, with herd health a key priority. Keeping up with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies within the sector, we are looking for future-thinking dairy farmers. Environmental considerations and innovations within dairy will be rewarded, alongside an active contribution to the community in a wider sense.

Family-Run Farm of the Year

We want to recognise the families who are at the heart of farming around the region. As a family unit you will have worked together through generations to overcome obstacles and adapt to changes in order to maintain a sustainable business, securing your family’s place in south west farming for its future generations. You will have kept with family traditions, but also adapted to new ways of farming which allow you to compete in a changing environment. You will credit your team work as pivotal to your success.

Sustainable Farming Award

This award seeks to recognise and celebrate the huge efforts that some farmers are putting in to make a positive contribution to the wider natural environment in the south west. We aim to recognise those that are actively making a difference and inspiring others towards positive change, whether that is through taking efforts towards increasing biodiversity, improving soil quality, reducing pesticide usage, reducing emissions, utilising green energy sources or improving water management. Measures taken to making an impact on the wider community will also be rewarded.

Innovation Award

This category is seeking to award those who have adapted to the changing world of farming by finding innovative approaches and thinking ‘outside the box’. We aim to recognise the stoicism required to take risks when diversifying into a new venture, the persistence required to find new solutions to overcome challenges, and the creativity required to generate a new idea or champion a new technology. This award will celebrate those that have undertaken new ventures, either within their own farming business or in the wider agricultural sector.

Young Farmer of the Year

Young farmers are in a unique position to be able to be creative, innovative and forward thinking, and this category aims to recognise and reward those achievements. Whether it’s coming up with new ideas or making changes, campaigning for farming causes or championing progressive ideas and causes within the farming community, this award celebrates the contributions and fresh approaches of the next generation of farmers.

Outstanding Achievement

This category is looking to recognise those that have overcome adversity to succeed within the agricultural industry. We want to recognise individuals who have demonstrated resilience and made farming or a farming-related business work for them against the odds. Do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their individual farming story, personal achievements or stoicism? This award is a chance to recognise farming’s un-sung heroes.

We are hoping that the awards ceremony will be able to go ahead at the Somerset County Cricket Ground in November, but it depends on the pandemic and related restrictions.

For further details please call 01326 213 322.

Make a nomination for the South West Farmer Awards 2021 by clicking here