Greenthinking says there are seven reasons why you must act now if you want to save money with a wind turbine.

1. The Government proposes a 25 per cent cut to the payments for small wind turbines (the feed in tariff) for any installed after October 1, 2012.

2. For an 11kW Gaia wind turbine this means you could earn £2 to 3000 less per year and the reduction is greater for bigger turbines.

3. Less income means it will take longer for a turbine to pay for itself. The reduction could add a couple of years to the payback period, significant if you are borrowing the money.

4. The deadline will greatly increase demand for turbines. Manufacturers cannot suddenly ramp up production for peaks in demand and it will most probably cause a backlog of orders.

5. The rise in demand will have a knock on effect in the planning process. This can easily take three months anyway or more if extra environmental reports are needed.

6. There will be extra pressure on Western Power. Western Power owns the electricity network and many turbines require a local upgrade to the system.

7. Your site may become unviable. If your site is only just viable at the higher rate the reduction may mean it is no longer worth installing a turbine and you will have lost the opportunity of long term savings.

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