Two new guides aimed at helping farmers to improve the storage, spreading and handling of manure and slurry are set to be launched.

Think Manures has been produced as part of the ‘Tried & Tested’ campaign, together with the environment Agency and relevant levy bodies. The guide will help farmers improve overall nutrient management efficiency, protect the environment and could help save money. On top of this, it will aid farmers in meeting NVZ regulations and assist in their fertiliser buying-decisions.

It will be launched at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show along with the New to Nutrient Management Guide, a leaflet developed to answer some frequently asked questions of matching nutrients to crop demand and providing practical guidance for farmers.

Project co-ordinator Rebecca Wells said: “Both these guides are easy to follow and will help make meeting regulations simple while potentially helping farmers save money. Think Manures is full of best practice examples and case studies to help farmers make business decisions that also to protect the environment while the New to Nutrient Management Guide offers a step by step approach to the principles of nutrient management.”

Think Manures and New to Nutrient Management Guide will be launched at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show which takes place at Birmingham NEC from September 6-7. For free copies visit Tried & Tested at stand BM257.