Homeowners and small businesses can see at a glance which renewable energy technologies are suitable for their property with YouGen’s new free guide.

“There’s masses of information available about renewable energy, both online and off,” says YouGen founder Cathy Debenham. “But often there’s too much detail for people who just want to know whether or not it’s a viable option for them. This ebook aims to make it easy to find out what’s suitable, and equally importantly, what’s not. Rather than wade through lots of text, there’s one simple diagram per technology.”

Technologies covered in the guide include: · biomass boilers, · air source and ground source heat pumps, · solar hot water (solar thermal), · solar electricity (solar PV) and · wind power.

There is also a guide to choosing a renewable energy installer.

“If people find that one or more technology is suitable for their property, then they can go onto the YouGen website and find out more about it, ask an expert a question and search in our installer directory to find a recommended installer,” adds Cathy.

Renewable Energy: a Quick Guide to Getting Started is available as a free download at www.yougen.co.uk.