YouGen have launched a month-long campaign to help people make easy, practical changes in their house to reduce heating bills and make them cosy and warm.

So far winter hasn’t really shown itself (at least not in the south west), but they say they are conscious of the scary height to which many people’s heating bills rose last winter – and the number of people who shivered on the sofa wrapped in their duvet instead of turning up the thermostat. Now, they advise, is the time to act YouGen have a YouGenUK facebook page for daily ideas, competitions and advice, throughout November.

What’s new at YouGen Practical information and advice is what they say they specialise in, and they believe they have got plenty of new material this month: Their advice includes:- · Thinking about installing a biomass boiler? Don’t go ahead until you’ve read 14 things to ask your biomass boiler installer.

How about Solar hot water panels? 7 things to check before your install.

And if you’re relying on the renewable heat incentive, then they strongly advise waiting until DECC confirms the detail before you invest in renewable heat, as there’s lots of detail that still isn't known – especially around solar hot water.

· Not sure what kind of heating system goes best with a heat pump: read Heat pumps and underfloor heating: perfect partners?

· The feed-in tariffs seem to be too good to be true, bringing great returns on solar electricity. But they only give a good return if you’ve got a suitable site, so it’s worth checking before you go ahead!

· Which work best for solar hot water, flat plate or evacuated tubes?

· How to insulate your loft conversion There is also an interesting debate about what the effect of solar panels is on both value of a house and ones ability to sell it. So far the jury seems to be out… Visit the YouGen website at