TWO women in dairy groups took a visit to a feed mill in Devon last month. 

Devon Women in Dairy and Cornwall Women in Dairy visited Harpers Feeds Mill and Store at Holsworthy, Devon, on June 24. 

The group took a tour of the mill and learnt all about Harpers Feeds.

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A spokesperson for Devon Women in Dairy said: "We had a fantastic guided tour (with radio head sets which were perfect for being able to hear our hosts clearly over the noise of the mill running) and an indepth insight into all the work which goes on behind the scenes of manufacturing animal feeds.

"We also learned about the history of the business and current UK coverage.

"We learnt how it is striving to improve efficiency and sustainability by installing solar panels on the store roof and producing a range of soya and palm free feeds.

"Overall a fantastic evening and a big thank you to our hosts for putting together such a wonderfully informative tour."