THE Tenant Farmer/New Entrant Award (sponsored by Agriton) went to Jason and Amelia Greenway, of Springwater Farm in Devon, at the South West Farmer Awards 2023 ceremony in November last year. 

The pair breed and rear their own organic certified and pedigree fold of highland cattle on 400 acres, which they tenant from the National Trust and private landlords. The cattle have a grass-fed only diet, and the pair aim to farm as sustainably as possible.

Upon receiving the award, Amelia said: “To win tenant farmer of the year in the South West Farming 2023 awards has really topped off a humbling year for us.

“We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for every judge, supporter, customer and our landlords the National Trust who have believed in us to allow us to receive this award. We hope being first generation, young farmers collecting this award sets a positive vision for others seeking farm tenancy opportunities.”

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Jason and Amelia also rear pedigree Mangalitza pigs. They graze them on conservation wetlands, as they thrive on being free range with a mostly grassfed diet. They are also fed on some locally grown barley. The pair sell the meat direct to the consumer via their fridge van.

Jason said: “Our highland cows and mangalitsa pigs are now used on National Trust land to help meet their environmental requirements and as a result we get to farm in the regenerative way we believe in. Our highlands and pigs extensively graze large areas of land to help enrich its wildlife and flower population. For example, our Mangalitza pigs currently extensively graze 100 acres of NT wetland which was previously an intensive dairy farm.”