A special moment between two threatened 'emu-like' birds has been caught on video for the first time at a popular Dorset attraction.

Mike and his son three-year-old Liam were visiting Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park when they captured on video the moment that 'Bubba' the rhea laid an egg - estimated to be around the size of 10 to 12 chicken eggs.

Rheas are originally from South America and resemble smaller emus. They are a threatened species.

Mike and Liam had been going around to see the go-karts when they spotted the Rhea. Mike said: “I saw the Rhea circling another Rhea on the floor. I assumed the one lying down was unwell, so we stopped for a few minutes to observe.

"Interestingly, the rhea that was lying down appeared to be aggressively pecking at the circling rhea, so I assumed it was defending itself. I then noted the standing rhea to be adjusting and 'puckering' before I saw a flash of yellow. I then got my phone to record”.

Bubba - who as a rhea is known to be non-maternal - immediately abandoned the egg into the grass, absolving her of all motherhood responsibilities and putting the care of the egg to the dad, Rayas, who immediately collected and rolled it into his nest for safekeeping.

Bubba as a baby  (Image: Farmer Palmers)

When the males sit on their nest, they can feel protective and defensive, therefore they keep females and people away. So, the team is respecting his space by keeping distance whilst making sure the rheas are looked after.

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This is where he will sit tight and start incubating them. He has exclusive paternal care, from the incubation to when the eggs hatch, resonating with the role of a single dad. Only time will tell if they were fertilized.

Capturing this sight on camera is a first for Farmer Palmer's, and the staff there were tremendously excited to see the video.

Bubba is 13 years old having been raised from an egg by Farmer Palmer's team member Zena. Bubba grew up with small dogs so she thought she was a dog.

Not that this has impacted on natural behaviour because she came to Farmer Palmers Farm Park, at 6 weeks old and has been a huge star ever since.