THERE are young farmers clubs all over the UK, and many of their members play a big part in agricultural shows, whether thats with their own tent or by taking part in the livestock competitions. 

At the Royal Bath & West Show last week, I took a visit to the Somerset YFC tent to chat to some young farmers about the future of farming. 

Many seemed positive, highlighting the need to get the younger generations involved in young farmers groups. I chatted to one member who isn't from a farming background, but joined young farmers to network and meet new people. He highlighted how important it is to get people who may not be from farming backgrounds involved in the clubs. 

Here's what they had to say 

Georgie, Bath & West Chairman, Somerset YFC 

"I think the biggest challenge facing the farming industry today is getting people involved. I think the young generation need a bit of encouragement at the moment and I think we just need to get everyone as involved as we can. 

"I am positive about the future of farming, absolutely! We are celebrating 90 years of Somerset young farmers, which is absolutely amazing. So hopefully another 90 years to go."

Sam Wade, county chairman of Somerset YFC 

"In my opinion, I think the biggest challenge facing the industry is mainly finance. Other than that it is probably a bit of governing on top of that. From the NFU reception I was at yesterday, it sounds like funding is one of the main issues. 

"I am positive about the future of farming, I think there is a lot of change to come, and that is quite exciting." 

@south.west.farmer We chatted to some young farmers in the #somersetyfc tent at the #royalbathandwestshow last week! Do you agree with their answers? Are you positive about the #futureoffarming? ♬ original sound - South West Farmer

Many Somerset YFC members also took part in the stockjudging competition. The results are as follows: 

  • Junior lambs, judged by Nick Hill - 1st Millie C, 2nd George T and 3rd Emily T 
  • Senior Lambs, judged by Nick Hill - 1st Zoe S, 2nd Sam W and 3rd Maddie R
  • Junior Beef, judged by Ross Whitcombe - 1st Grace W, 2nd Emily B and 3rd Jacob T
  • Senior Beef, judged by Ross Whitcombe - 1st Zoe S, 2nd Beth W and 3rd Sam W
  • Junior Dairy, judged by Dave Sayer - 1st Grace W, 2nd Annie B and 3rd Jacob T
  • Senior Dairy, judged by Dave Sayer - 1st Zoe S, 2nd Maddie R and 3rd Elsie S
  • Overall most points: Zoe S
  • Reserve Overall most points: Grace W
  • County with most points: Somerset
  • Reserve County with most points: Gloucestershire