TWO giant babies took to the streets of Exeter, Devon, last Thursday (May 30) to encourage people in the south west to go vegan. 

The people dressed as babies were holding signs that said 'Cows Milk is for Baby Cows' and 'Not your mum? Not your milk'. The demonstration was to highlight that members of PETA believe it is 'unnatural' to drink the milk of any animal past weaning age. 

Supporters at the demonstration also handed out free samples of Alpro's strawberry soya milk. 

PETA is an organisation with a motto that states: 'animals are not ours to eat'. During the day in Exeter, they explained that non-dairy milks are healthy and environmentally friendly. 

@petauk Did you know that female calves will be repeatedly impregnated just like their mums and used as milk-making machines, while their brothers will be k*illed? Don't pay for this heartbreak. #DitchDairy. #govegan #dairyisscary #veganmilk #vegancheese ♬ Fallen D. - Undoing

PETA also said that non-dairy milk doesn't contain any traces of pus and bacteria from animal's infected udders. They also said that dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated and seperate from their babies, until 'their bodies give out and they are slaughtered for cheap meat'. 

Senior campaigns manager, Kate Werner, said: “It’s absurd for any human to guzzle the mammary secretions of a mother cow, which are meant to feed her own baby.

“PETA urges Exeter locals to leave cows’ milk for calves and opt instead for delicious soya, oat, or nut milk.”