CHANGES to agricultural permitted development rights were announced on Tuesday, April 30. 

The changes, which effect the number of dwellings and the size, will come into effect from May 21 2024. 

Andrew Tregay of Symonds & Sampson has outlined the key changes. 

He said: "These amendments broadly expand on existing rights and allow more floorspace to be converted or created this leads to some exciting new opportunities for agricultural units.

"There are some negatives, the ability to create larger homes has been removed any you are limited to dwellings of 150sqm.

"Also, there was hope that Class Q would be expanded into National Landscapes however this has not materialised under these changes. Nevertheless, the changes provide an exciting opportunity for agricultural redevelopments, diversification or expansion of existing facilities."

Changes to agricultural permitted development rights

Change of use

Class Q: 

  • Inclusion of ‘former’ agricultural buildings  
  • Allowance of rear single-story extensions for Class Q development of up to 4m
  • All new dwellings limited at 150sqm.
  • New maximum number of dwellings at 10 rather than 5.
  • New maximum floorspace limit increased to 1000sqm.  

Class R: 

  • New maximum floorspace limit increased to 1000sqm (previously 500sqm).
  • Allowance to convert to class F2 (outdoor sport and recreation)
  • Allowance to convert to class B2 (general industrial for processing of raw goods that are produced on site)
  • Allowance of change of use to agricultural training

Agricultural development

Class A: 

  • New agricultural buildings increased from 1000sqm to 1500sqm.
  • Limit on engineering operations to 1000sqm.

Class B: 

  • Cubic content of buildings can increase by 25%, previously 20%.
  • Cannot do works within curtilage of a scheduled monument.
  • Whilst many of the changes expand on existing rights there have been more subtle changes that need to be considered such as space standards and access.

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