The British Limousin Cattle Society is turmoil this week following a council vote of no confidence in its chairman, Jonathan Watson and the loss of staff at its head quarters in Lemington Spa.

It is believed the vote to remove Mr Watson follows the handling of various herd inspections throughout the country in which some members had cattle suspended from society sales, while other members have been banned outright.

The introduction of the breed’s Green Gene is also known to be causing concern, whereby Mr Watson did an unexpected u-turn on the campaign despite support from the membership and the wider beef industry on this strategic campaign.

According to reports on social media, the vote of no confidence in the chairman took place two weeks ago but Mr Watson refuses to resign.

“It’s absolutely disgusting what has been happening within the society,” said a member who wished to remain anonymous.

In response to the claims Mr Watson said: “They are absolute lies. I am still the chairman.”