YOUNG farmers battled it out at their annual Rally Day on Saturday, April 13 2024. 

Dorset YFC members took part in various competitions during the day, which was held at Deverel Farm in Dorset - a last minute change as the original venue was unsafe due to the wet weather. 

A post on the Dorset YFC Facebook Page said: "A very big thank you to the Martin Family for stepping in at the last minute with a great venue; to all our judges and stewards who ran the competitions on the day; to all our rally committee team for working hard for the last few months to make the day happen and also to our members for taking part in the competitions."

There were a range of competitions throughout the day, from bale sculptures and Tug of War (TOW) to how many crackers can you eat and selfie with a farm animal. 

Marshwood Vale YFC won the Rally Shield, as they achieved the most points during the day. Other awards given included: 

  • NFU cup - Blandford YFC for their bale art
  • Beaminster YFC Cup for the Hanicrafts Club with the most points - Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC & Marshwood Vale YFC
  • Miss J Down Cup for cookery junior - Eliza from Beaminster YFC
  • Hanford Farm for cookery intermediate - Joanna from Marshwood Vale YFC
  • Mike & Sue Tizzard Cup for cookery senior - Georgie from Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC
  • Miss Hervey Murray for junior boys most points - Harry from Puddletown YFC
  • The Old Mill Challenge Cup for senior boys most points - Thomas from Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC
  • Richard Vickery Memorial Trophy for intermediate boys most points - Matthew from Marshwood Vale YFC
  • William Cole for junior girls most points - Sophie from Puddletown YFC
  • Phyllis & Robin Bowers for intermediate girls most points - Joanna from Marshwood Vale YFC
  • Roy Christopher Challenge Cup for handicraft highest individual - Bethany from Sherborne YFC
  • Portman Building for senior girls most points - Bethany from Sherborne YFC
  • Trevor Stickland for mens TOW - Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC
  • Frank Greenway Cup for ladies TOW - Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC
  • Symonds & Sampson for junior TOW - Beaminster YFC

To see a full list of results, visit the Dorset YFC Facebook Page.

There were also some TOW NFYFC competitions and winners of these will go through to the South West Area Competitions on June 23 2024 at Lackham College. 

The winner of the Junior TOW was Beaminster YFC; mens TOW was Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC and ladies TOW was also Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC. 

County organiser, Tracy Hounsome, said: "The day went extremely well even with the last minute change of venue. Sun was out and it was a lovely atmosphere."