A WOMEN In Dairy group visited a herd of Rivermead Jerseys this month. 

Devon Women In Dairy took a trip to farm near Tiverton to learn about the breed and the farm's milk business, Rivermead Dairy.

The dairy has grown in the last ten years and now sells milk to specialist London markets. 

Members of the Devon Women In Dairy group learnt that the Jersey herd are managed to high standards of health and welfare. They were told it is important to pay attention to detail with the breed.

The farm shared that they have cuddle boxes for newborn calves in each pen, consistent biosecurity and feeding protocols in the calf building, and the main dairy herd are fed good quality feed and produce a lot of high constituent milk.

A spokesperson for Devon Women In Dairy said: "We learnt that the next generation is a big part of the business, with each family member and staff member being able to develop their own area of interest within the business.

"Thank you to the Davis family for a fantastic day out. Your cows are an absolute credit to you.

"Thank you to everyone who attended.  Full meeting and membership details can be found on Facebook and Instagram - Devon Women In Dairy."