THE Dairy Farmer of the Year award (sponsored by Mole Valley) was given to John and Simon Martin, from Nunton Farm in Salisbury.

The farm, which is 1200 acres in total, produces five million litres per year, with Friesian and cross-bred cows.

The farm is run in partnership with the landlord and it has expanded to become one of the largest grazing dairy based farms in the south of England.

They milk 800 cows through a modern rotary parlour, and have a milk retail business which includes five vending machines.

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Nunton Farm supplies ten local shops and cafes with fresh milk. As well as this, Nunton Farm host school visits and open days.

John is the fourth generation of the family and Simon is the third. Simon’s grandfather John arrived as a tennant on the Longford Estate in 1929 with just 25 cows.

In 1970, Peter (Simon’s father) and the Earl of Radnor formed a partnership. Now, Simon and John are in partnership with their landlords, the ninth Earl and Countess of Radnor.