A two-day rewilding event will take place in Somerset.

The initiative by Heal Rewilding called "Into The Light" is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11, 2024. It will be held near Frome at the organisation's foundation site.

The event aims to gather experts, enthusiasts, and newcomers to discuss and share the positive impacts of rewilding.

They will delve into the successes and developments in rewilding, stories of nature recovery, and the therapeutic effects of being in nature. The aim is to highlight the importance of natural relief in a country marked as one of the most nature-depleted globally. Tickets are available for purchase for either one or both days of the event at https://www.healrewilding.org.uk/

The Friday agenda is curated for a professional audience, focusing on rewilding finance and technology. However, the proceedings are also suitable for landowners, students and others seeking in-depth knowledge of these subjects.

Alastair Driver, director of Rewilding Britain, will open the event. Among the speakers dealing with finance include Helen Edmundson, deputy director of Green Finance at Defra, and Alicia Gibson, advisory director at Finance Earth.

Saturday's discussion will revolve around wildlife, rewilding projects, and other significant themes. The day provides an opportunity to interact with engaging speakers. Attendees can also share their experiences of nature recovery. Talk highlights include ‘All the small things: bees, butterflies and more’ and ‘The healing power of nature’.

Jan Stannard, chair of trustees and acting CEO, confirmed the objective of the event, saying: “Into The Light will give attendees the chance to find out what’s happening in rewilding, spend time with others who love nature and feel hopeful for the future.”

Visitors can also tour the 460-acre Heal Somerset site in between talks, or simply roam the area. Refreshments will be available throughout the event. For those wishing to stay over, accommodation options include local lodgings or camping on the rewilding site.