A RURAL insurer is hosting a farm safety day in Dorset next week. 

The day, which will include a wealth of advice to help farmers operate safely across all aspects of work, will take place on Wednesday, March 13, at Brunsell Farm, Cat Lane, Stourton Caundle, DT10 2JX. It is being organised by NFU Mutual.

Jude Green, NFU Mutual agent for North Dorset is organising the event with her colleague, Justin Pinder. 

“It’s about keeping yourself safe, your employees safe, your stuff safe and staying safe legally, understanding all the rules and regulations,” said Jude. 

NHS mental health specialist Kisi Kent will also be making a presentation during the event. According to NFU Mutual, research suggests farmers and at an 'increased risk' of suffering from poor mental health due to stress, isolation and a reluctance to seek help. 

Also, according to the rural insurer, bacterical infections leading to sepsis are a concern. Sarah Hamilton-Fairley, joint CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust, will also be giving a presentation. 

As well as health advice, farmers can seek help with a range of tasks from operating lifting equipment to using chain saws, thanks to experts at Dorset Training. 

Other presentations will consider machinery safety, with advice from Martin Spicer of Dorset machinery dealers CJ Cox; Reducing the risks from working at height, with a presentation from Gwyn Barlow, south west regional manager with Risk Management Services and advice from NFU Transport Adviser Sarah Batchelor on safe farm transport.

If you are interested in attending the event, call the NFU Mutual north Dorset offices on 01258 473299 or email sturminsternewton@nfumutual.co.uk. 

The event is free to attend and includes lunch.