A YOUNG farmer from Somerset is taking on a tough challenge to raise money to plant kitchen gardens in local schools. 

Matteo Grasso, co-founder of Higher Farm in Somerset, is running three marathons barefoot on the Jurassic Coast on March 22, 23 and 24. 

Matteo and his brother Giacomo co-founded the farm, which aims to create a future for local, natural and accessible food. The farm is a regenerative food and agriculture business that specialises in growing and selling produce to their immediate locality, making good food accessible to all. 

With the money raised during the marathon challenge, the team are planning to set up a kitchen garden at Hazlegrove Prep School, and they are hoping that if more funds are raised, kitchen gardens can be planted in more schools. 

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Matteo said:  "We want to provide nutritious, organic and sustainable food, and to incorporate the students, offering an educational experience growing and learning about food.

"In a time where our unsustainable food system is causing dramatic problems for our health and our climate, where we are further and further disconnected from our food and British childhood obesity is at its highest ever, we believe this is a very important cause to support future generations."

Higher Farm will be contributing a team of farmers to manage the gardens, and the fundraiser will be used to fund the plants, tools, materials and additional labour if needed.