A YOUNG farmers club is hosting their 90th show this April - in the same place as it has been since the annual show began. 

Wedmore Young Farmers will be taking part in their annual show on Saturday, April 20, at The George in Wedmore. 

There will be a range of classes, from livestock to handicrafts. There will be around 20/30 different cups presented on the day. 

South West Farmer: Wedmore YFC's annual show, 20 years ago.Wedmore YFC's annual show, 20 years ago. (Image: Alan Hector)

Alan Hector, who is on the advisory board for Wedmore Young Farmers, explained that young farmers will pick up their calves to show from September to Christmas. There will then be small calves on show (who are six/seven/eight months old) and then ones who are 18ish months old. 

There are also sheep and pig classes as well. 

Alan said: "The show is a good learning curve and it gives young people a commitment and responsibly.

"The show has always been at The George since it began 90 years ago. Pigs came in around the 21st show and sheep were in it from the 1970s. When the show first started, all the calves were bought as a group and the young farmers were each allotted a calf. Now, they can pick their own in advance.

South West Farmer: Young farmers at the 23rd annual show.Young farmers at the 23rd annual show. (Image: Alan Hector)

"It is usually a big day for the village. We have the show in the day and then rush home to get changed and ready for the dance in the evening." 

The annual show is open to members of the public and it is free entry. 

In the evening, the young farmers will carry on their celebrations with a 90th dinner and dance at Batch Country House from 7pm.