NEW research shows that 70% of shoppers would be more likely to buy egg-based food products, such as quiche or egg sandwiches, that display the British Lion mark.

Almost all eggs sold at retail carry the British Lion mark on the egg and packaging. However, food products that contain eggs, like egg sandwiches, scotch eggs, and quiches, rarely display their provenance.

Consumers are not aware that these products can often contain imported eggs that are not British Lion certified, do not support British farmers, and are not produced to the same quality standards.

Morrisons recently stole a march on its competitors by introducing the Lion mark across its popular quiche range, highlighting that it uses quality British eggs.

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Now British Lion egg processors are calling on other retailers to follow their lead and give shoppers what they want.

More than 50% of shoppers expect the eggs within food products to be produced in the UK and four out of five think products like eggs should not be imported.

Strength of feeling is such that more than 50% of shoppers would be less likely to purchase a product like quiche or egg sandwiches that is not British Lion certified.

With awareness of the Lion mark at 80%, using the symbol on packaging is a simple and effective way to reassure customers of product quality and demonstrate support for British farmers.

Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, Mark Williams, said: “British shoppers deserve to eat foods made with eggs that meet the highest quality food safety standards, and don’t add unnecessary food miles.

"They also deserve to be told where the eggs come from, so they are free to make informed purchasing decisions.

"Putting the British Lion mark on pack is a simple way to keep shoppers happy, show that you’re supporting British farmers, and potentially grow sales.

“Shoppers put their trust in British supermarkets to sell safe products and be transparent with their sourcing, but they continue to use a significant number of imported eggs in pre-prepared foods.

"Morrisons have led the way, now it’s time for the others to follow.”