BOW Young Farmers’ Club (YFC) are having a busy year and have recently been working hard to make sure all of their members feel welcome and included within the club.

One of their members Zak is deaf, so the club wanted to organise an evening where they can learn more about the deaf community and to better understand how they can communicate with each other.

They welcomed Andrew and Kristy from Access Communication Services, alongside two interpreters, to a club meeting held at the Waie Inn.

This organisation is made up of dedicated professionals whose aim is to provide a high level of support for deaf clients throughout the South West.

Georgia Hill, Bow YFC’s Secretary, says: “Zak has been a member of the club for almost two years now and has always actively taken part in YFC activities. But we felt that it was important we learnt more about the deaf community to better understand how we can support him within the club.”

During the evening, members learnt about what it was like to be a part of the deaf community, as well as some British Sign Language (BSL).

Georgia adds: “It was great to learn some basics of BSL and we’re keen to learn more in the future so that we can better communicate with Zak.

“We were all asked during the session whether we knew any other members of the deaf community other than Zak, of which no one raised their hand.

“So I think it’s important that we also help to raise awareness of the deaf community and encourage more people to learn BSL.”

Bow Young Farmers have also been getting involved in different activities within the YFC programme this year.

With members recently attending the Devon YFC Ski Trip, as well as competing in the choir competition.

Coming up they are organising an evening playing golf, as well as their Dung Run, where they will be selling dung to the local community.

A busy time for an incredibly inspiring club that is determined to make it inclusive to everyone.

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