I WAS born in Surrey and my dad was offered job via his brother to become a stockman in Upavon in Wiltshire. I was brought up in Rushall in a farm cottage that’s actually still standing!

I’ve loved farming ever since I can remember. My first ever boyfriend’s family were pig farmers so I enjoyed going out seeing to the animals - ratting, bailing and everything inbetween. Years went by and now I have a daughter whose love for animals and horses meant she eventually got a horse of her own. This led to us going to shows and young farmers events all around - and this is where I came across FCN. I offered to bake a cake for the FCN as I wanted to hear/learn more about what they did. I then had an interview and joined the crew. I have now been a volunteer for five and a half years.

I am a very passionate believer in British farming. I believe farmers are the true grafters in life – they are non-stop for 365 days of the year to put food on our tables.

The next generation of hard workers to feed the nation are our young farmers. Sometimes young farmers as well as others in the rural community turn to alcohol and drug use to help ease the pressure of an intense job and life in general.

There could be countless reasons why they chose drink and drugs as a coping mechanism. These could include peer pressure from others – they do it so they feel they ‘fit in’ with the trend of a group. It could also be because they are isolated or lonely.

Many reasons for alcohol and drug use are unknown but this is why we need to talk and speak up about it. Within FCN every call is confidential, taken seriously and there is no judgement, so no matter the problem there will always be someone to listen, help and guide you through troubled times. It opens the door and is one step closer to getting the help you need – don’t hesitate, just call.

We encourage every farmer/young farmer to put our FCN helpline number in their phone, 03000111999, or contact us via our e-Helpline: help@fcn.org.uk. Also check out farmwell.org.uk - it is full of great information for all.

I love what I do for the FCN. I am very passionate and always willing to get involved. We are always open for a chat with anyone who needs our help - just pick up the phone.