TWO lifesaving devices have been installed on Exmoor. 

Defibrillators, which are accessible to the public 24/7, have been installed at the Exmoor Livestock Markets, situated at Cutcombe and Blackmoor Gate.

The devices have been installed thanks to match funding from London Hearts, which is a charity that provides funding grants to make defibrillators more affordable to communities and organisations across the country. 

Manager of Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions, Peter Huntley, said: "If somebody has an accident or a heart attack at the market site, it’s imperative we act quickly as it could be a matter of life or death.

"We have farmers of all ages coming to the market and if the defibrillator saves one life, then it’s invaluable."

The defibrillator models supplied at Blackmoor Gate and Cutcombe Markets are registered with both Devon and Somerset Ambulance Service’s through a dedicated website portal.

Katherine Williams, Exmoor Hill Farming Network Manager, added: "These vital machines will be become a respected community asset in a time of need. EHFN and Exmoor Rural Health Hub (ERHH) have both contributed to the purchases."

ERHH trustee, Olivia Winterton, said there was 'no hesitation' when they were asked to fund one of the two devices. 

"Being able to provide potential lifesaving machines for the Exmoor markets perfectly satisfies one of the primary aims of our charity:  to deliver access to health and mental well-being support for the farming and wider community on and around Exmoor," she said. 

Ian May, EHFN chairman, added: "We were eager to ensure the defibrillators were available to the farming community and members of the public 24/7.

"We will look to work to train staff and members of the farming community to make the most effective use of them.’’