Lidl has announced a robust commitment to the agricultural sector with an investment of over £70m to support British farmers amidst challenging weather conditions.

Lidl is transitioning its British root vegetable suppliers to contracts lasting up to three years.

Emphasising Lidl's commitment to ‘backing British’ the shift aims to provide stability and assurance to suppliers of Lidl's staple winter vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and swedes, enabling growers to invest confidently in their businesses.

The move comes after the recent announcement from Morrisons and Aldi regarding a ‘buy British’ section on their websites, following industry campaigning to increase efforts to back British farmers, Lidl is yet to follow suit.

Paul Gibson, Lidl’s buying director said: “Our decision to transition suppliers to longer contracts underscores our commitment to supporting local producers.

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“Not only is it an investment in the quality and consistency of our supply chain, but it’s also a testament to our dedication to the British food industry.”

This investment in long-term contracts forms part of Lidl's wider commitment to add £17bil to the British food industry by 2025.

It follows a series of similar initiatives, including financial incentives to the British egg industry to boost domestic supply.

Lidl continues to source two-thirds of its produce from the UK and collaborates with over 650 local suppliers.