A CATTLE breeding company, with its headquarters in Wellington, Somerset, has rebranded and joined forces with a French genetics giant. 

Mastergen is now called Synetics UK, after the joining of forces between Mastergen’s original German parent company, Masterrind, and a French company, Innoval/Evolution.

Through their export arm, Synetics Export, these companies trade more than eight million doses of semen across 80 different countries - and now this will also be done through Synetics UK. 

This means UK farmers will now have acecss to a diverse line-up of European Sires, including traditional Holsteins (red and white), as well as 20 other dairy and beef breeds. These include well-known breed such as Limousin, Charolais, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Normande and Salers alongside those which are less mainstream, such as Bazadaise, Gascon, Parthenaise, Abondance and Tarentaise.

Alison Dunphy, managing director of Synetics UK, said: “The research investment behind these organisations has led to the development of Europe’s most advanced genomic testing facility and its highest standards of semen quality.

“This investment has also allowed unique genetic traits to be developed, including paratuberculosis or Johne’s resistance, which we are already finding enormously popular within herds dealing with this disease.

“As a company, we have built our reputation on value for money, without the overhead of expensive reps on the road, and we will continue with this business model under the Synetics UK banner.

"Our telephone support is readily available and is growing in popularity amongst the many commercial beef and dairy producers who are looking for cost-effectiveness, while continuing to enhance their herds’ genetics.”