THIS year’s Apprentice/Student Farmer of the Year (sponsored by Cornwall College) winner is Rosie Squire, from Duchy College.

On winning the award, Rosie said: “Attending the South West Farming Awards was a fabulous ‘once in a lifetime’ evening and it was lovely to be part of it, unfortunately not being 18 yet I was unable to fully indulge in the wonderful hospitality and was whisked away shortly after the awards ceremony ended as I had an early start for college the following morning.

“When I was originally nominated for Apprentice/Student of the Year I never ever expected to be short listed or become a finalist let alone be announced as the winner for simply getting on quietly doing what I absolutely love on the farm and at college and ultimately wanting to pursue a life in agriculture and make a bit of a difference.

“I really want to say thank you to everyone who has and continues to help me with my passion for farming and to whoever nominated me - I still don’t know who did that and I also want to thank Roland and his team for such a memorable evening.

“P.S Thank you to the Forestry Commission - our saplings have already been planted!”

Rosie comes from a beef and sheep farm in Devon, where she lives with her grandparents, parents and brothers. The family carry out 99% of the work ‘in house’ and so they are busy all year round. The farm is approximately 150 acres, and the family have use of a further 60-70 acres within a mile, depending on the time of year.

Rosie has just embarked on another year at college, studying a Level 3 Agriculture Extended Diploma. She hopes to become a farm animal technician or specialist (SQP).