IF you fancy an evening of hot cider, dancing, chanting, food and fires, then head on over to Sheppy's Cider Farm, in Bradford-on-Tone, later this month.

The farm is staging it ancient Wassail ritual on Friday, January 26.

The beloved and time-honoured tradition toasts to the promises of a bountiful apple in the coming year.

The ceremony gets its name from an Old English term meaning ‘be well’.

Historically there are several types of Wassailing traditions, involving hot spiced alcohol and cider-makers gathering around a roaring fire or an apple orchard, so not much has changed.

But the important tradition for all cider-makers is blessing their apple trees.

Gates open at 5.30pm with food and drink available shortly after.

The ceremony begins at 6.45pm, followed by dancing and drinking at 8pm.

Tickets include entry at the gate and food are available HERE for £16.50.

For further information click HERE.