THE Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome, Sarah Dyke, has presented a bill iaimed at setting minimum service levels for public transport in rural areas.

The bill, presented on Tuesday, aims to guarantee access to employment and education hubs, which for Sarah Dyke MPs constituents would include Yeovil and Bath.

The Liberal Democrat MP overturned a Conservative majority of 19,000 to win the Somerton and Frome seat in July.

This marks her first opportunity to present her own bill to the House of Commons.

The bill is set for a second reading on January 26.

Sarah Dyke, Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome, said: “Last year, I spearheaded a successful campaign to save the D2 bus and since being elected to Parliament, I’ve repeatedly spoken up for public transport in rural areas. 

“Many of my constituents rely on public transport to get to nearby towns and cities for education and employment and they need to know those vital links will always be there.

"I’m delighted to present this important bill to Parliament and I look forward to its second reading next month.”