THE farmers who caught a Bournemouth man having sex with their livestock say they “cannot comprehend” what took place on their land.

Ian and Tracy Farwell own the farm in Burton where 25-year-old Liam Brown snuck into a barn to have sex with a calf.

The husband and wife became suspicious their cattle were being “interfered with” after a noting decline in health among the calves, with some even dying. 

Tracy said: “We tried everything to make them better. We changed the food, we’ve had the vet out, they’ve had minerals - all sort of different things given to them.

“We accused the people we got the calves from of not feeding them properly.

South West Farmer: Liam Brown had sex with a cow at the farm in BurtonLiam Brown had sex with a cow at the farm in Burton (Image: BNPS)

“I thought it was something I was doing. I cried several mornings in a row because I didn’t know what I’d done wrong.”

Keen to investigate further, the pair installed CCTV cameras at the farm during the summer of 2022.

Shortly before midnight on June 12, 2022, the farmers checked their cameras and saw a ‘figure’ chasing a calf around in one of the barns.

When they went to the barn to see what was happening, they saw Brown having sex with one of the calves.

Ian said: “We were looking for something, but we weren’t looking for this.

South West Farmer: Farwell E T & Son in BurtonFarwell E T & Son in Burton (Image: BNPS)

“The animal was traumatised, and you feel stressed because you didn’t do anything for that animal, because you didn’t know what to look for.”

The farm, off Martins Hill Lane, has been owned by the Farwell family for 150 years.

Ian and Tracy both knew the defendant, with him living nearby,

Tracy added: “Liam’s been around since he was about five or six years old.

“He said he liked the calves. He wanted to talk to them, and cuddle them.”

Ian added that Brown was "a bit of a loner". 

South West Farmer: Liam BrownLiam Brown (Image: BNPS)

The defendant, of Grosvenor Gardens in Bournemouth, was charged with sexual penetration with a living animal and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

He was sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court and handed a 36-month community order, ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, and told to pay £600 in compensation.

He was also banned from owning or keeping livestock for ten years.

Speaking to the Daily Echo after the sentencing, Tracy and Ian said the outcome was a “little disappointing”, with “nothing really being done” to the defendant.

Tracy added: “It has been horrible, and it was something that was out of our control.

“But it’s better now that it’s all over and finished with.

“It’s a relief.”