A DEVON goat farmer - who produces goats milk soap - has achieved an environmental, animal welfare certification. 

Tracy Lindsell, who raises rare-breed Golden Guernsey dairy goats near Uffculme, uses the fresh milk to create handmade goat's milk soap and shampoo bars, under her business The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company.

The dairy goats at the farm are now certified animal welfare approved (AWA) by A Greener World (AGW). The label verifies that the animals are raised outdoors on pasture that uses sustainable agriculture methods on an independent farm. 

The AWA label has recently launched in the UK, alongside the certified grassfed and certified non-GMO accreditations offered by AGW. 

Tracy grew up on the island of Jersey, which is where she first fell in love with goats. She first met 'Herbie', a Golden Guernsey goat, at stables not far from her parent's house. 

After taking on a small holding in Devon in 2015, Tracy set up her own small herd of Golden Guernsey goats. After having a surplus of milk, Tracy started to make goat milk soap for friends and family. She then branched out and began selling at local farmers’ markets and craft fairs.

“I know my customers care about animal welfare and the environment as much as I do,” Tracy said.

“They want to know that we are managing our goats and land with animal welfare and the environment in mind.

“We applied for farm certification with A Greener World because it validates how we farm here. Our A Greener World logo tells customers who can’t visit the farm that we really are farming the way we say we are.”

The goats on the farm are raises on species-rich pasture using rotational management – grazing one area before being moved to fresh fields. This allows the grass to recover before the goats graze again, which ensures the most nutritious grass and forage is available.

As well as this, Tracy keeps the kids with their mothers and allows natural weaning.

“We are proud to partner with The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company and to recognise their achievements as they join our ever-growing family of AGW-certified farms across the UK and Europe,” added Wayne Copp, AGW UK and Europe executive director.

“It has never been more critical for consumers to understand and support farmers who are working to make a difference. And we’re honoured to encourage this relationship by offering an uncomplicated, independent, and credible farm certification that consumers can trust to mean what is says on that label: Animal – Welfare – Approved.

“The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company’s certification from A Greener World recognises that their high standards of animal welfare and environmental management are not only good for farmed livestock and the planet but helps them to communicate clearly and directly to consumers who are seeking food and other products they can trust and feel good about.”