Wiltshire Council is issuing fixed penalty notices of £400 to fly-tipping culprits and eyewitnesses who report the crime may have a few hundred pounds extra in their pockets as a result. 

Fly-tipping is the illegal disposal of waste and the council has vowed to combat the environmental crime and to catch those responsible. Those who tip off the council could receive a gift voucher of up to £200 following the payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or successful prosecution. 

Across the county, most fly-tipping is of a commercial nature but it also includes leaving items next to bins or recycling banks or outside closed recycling centres and charity shops. 

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South West Farmer: Fly-tippingFly-tipping (Image: Photo Agency)

Councillor Caroline Thomas, Cabinet Member for Highways and Street Scene, said: “Whether it’s a car park or the countryside, we are committed to tackling environmental crimes such as fly-tipping.

“We have invested significant sums in equipment and officers to crackdown on fly-tipping in Wiltshire, as part of our Business Plan commitment and zero-tolerance approach.

“Our 'We’re Targeting Fly-tippers' (WTF) campaign is having an effect on reducing fly-tipping in Wiltshire, but the fight continues and our message is clear – we will take action and prosecute fly-tippers. We also offer rewards for information that leads to a successful fly-tipping prosecution or fine.

Cllr Thomas added: “Recycling banks can attract significant amounts of fly-tipping over the Christmas period, and I would advise anyone to think twice before dumping waste at locations like this.”

Penalties for fly-tipping can include an unlimited fine and/or five years' imprisonment (Crown Court) or a £50,000 fine and/or 12 months' imprisonment (Magistrates Court) or a Fixed Penalty Notice of £400 if caught fly-tipping small scale waste. 

To find out more, go to wiltshire.gov.uk