A LAMB has been killed and a sheep attacked after an incident in Wiltshire earlier this month. 

Wiltshire Rural Crime Team are appeal for information after the suspected dog attack in a field at Middle Chase Farm, Bowerchalke. 

On Monday, November 6, the farm manager found all sheep against the corners of the fields on high alert. An ewe with an existing udder injury seemed to have been chased extensively as she was covered in blood.  

On Tuesday, Noevember 7, a farm worker found a lamb which had been mauled to death. The policing team believe this act was committed by a dog. 

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Rural Crime Team said: "Following two incidents on November 6 and 7 involving the killing of a lamb and attack on a sheep in the same field at Middle Chase Farm, Bowerchalke, we are asking members of the public for any information they may have.

"This has devastating consequences for livestock keepers, causing personal distress as well as significant financial costs.

"If you were in the Bowechalke area on either November 6 or 7 and saw a dog with blood on its muzzle please contact Wiltshire Police quoting reference 54230118428.

"Should you see a dog worrying or attacking livestock call 999, at the time."