MILK vending machines are becoming a popular way to diversify a farm business - so I decided it was time to give one a go. 

After a lovely walk at Haytor on Dartmoor, my partner and I popped into Ullacombe Farm Cafe and Shop to grab some eggs for lunch - and thought we would try out the Mount Boon Milk Co. vending machine while we were there. 

As well as traditional whole milk, there are some incredible milkshake flavours to choose from. You can have traditional milkshakes such as banana, strawberry and chocolate, but you can also try salted caramel, raspberry, biscoff, nutella and many more. To be honest, I was so stunned with the vast collection I just opted for a more traditional chocolate milk, but maybe next time I'll go for something more adventurous! 

You can buy a one litre glass bottle, which you can then reuse each time you visit. So instead of wasting plastic bottles each time I go to a supermarket, refilling my glass bottle each week seems a much better idea. 

You can then choose your flavour of milk, or just opt for traditional whole milk. You put your bottle into the little glass cupboard, wait for it to fill up and take it out. Once that's done, water sprays around the compartment to clean it before the next person. 

Even though I opted for chocolate milk, it was surprisingly not to sweet - which was lovely. The whole milk is creamy and refreshing, and the chocolate gives it a nice kick. As someone who doesn't usually enjoy a glass of milk, I found this milk surprisingly delicious. 

Mount Boon Milk Co. is a family business with a herd of 100 free range cows, who graze on lush Teign Valley pastures. The milk is non-homogenised, slow pasteurised whole milk that is approximately 96% fat free. 

Milk vending machines seem to be popping up all over the place, but I think they're a great idea. Less waste if people refill their glass bottles, and you can enjoy fresh farm milk and support local farmers in your area. If you give it a go, let me know what you think in the comments!