A YOUNG farmers federation held their AGM earlier this month, where they elected new officers and celebrated some unsung heroes. 

Somerset YFC members took part in the meeting at the county offices on Wednesday, November 8. It started with a minute silence to remember Mike Lewis, who was county organiser for more than 30 years, and Lionel Bagg, a former Bridgwater member, associate, county chair and president. 

Sarah Howe, county chair, gave her chairman's report for the year. The county treasurer gave a financial report on the continuing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a slow rise in membership and more positive news such as new tenants in YFC property and a rise in the price of levies. 

Thanks went to James Bardwell, who stood down as staff management chair. He unveiled a new presidents board at the back of the hall, paid for by Severn Group as part of profits from their Rally 2022. 

There was also an election of new officers. The new county chair is Sam Wade, new president is Ian Appleyard and deputy president is Nigel Howe. 

During the evening, five people were selected by the Somerset YFC field officers as 'unsung heroes'. 

These people were: 

  • Iona Leckie, from West Group - "Iona always works hard for West Group, is a great communicator, and is always happy an cheerful, has a can do attitude and will ask for help and advice. She is a great role model for the younger members."
  • Kenny Gee, from Wessex Group - "Kenny works hard for Yeovil and Wessex, always behind the scenes giving lifts for younger members, buying and collecting provisions for events and always smiling and happy, welcoming new members."
  • Megan Paton, from Severn Group - "Meg has been a driving force within Chew for the past year. Without her dedication and hard work this club would not be where it is. Always willing to help and get stuck in she has made a huge difference to this club over the past few years. When she does a job it is always done to perfection!"
  • Laura Dibble, from Fosse Group - "Laura was nominated for always being there. She has been our safeguarding lead for many years with a primary teacher expertise. Has supported Fosse group as treasurer and has been their constant to hold things together for a very long time."
  • Melissa Standen, from Sedgemoor Group - "Melissa was nominated for her hard work with Polden Hills and Sedgemoor, especially for organising the County Stockjudging Day."