A CHEESE that was made by mistake has been crowned Taste of the West's champion cheese. 

Sharpham Dairy, which is based near Totnes, created a velvety cheese named Rushmore, which came out top at the Taste of the West Awards at Sandy Park, Exeter, on November 6. 

Sharpham Rushmore is a combination of 40% goat’s milk and 60% cow’s milk is reminiscent of two of its most popular cheeses - Ticklemore goat's cheese and Rustic cow's cheese, creating a slightly crumbly but velvety texture.

It was created when goats milk was mistakenly poured into the same tank as cow's milk. To avoid waste, the team made cheese with the mixed milk - and Sharpham Rushmore was created. The cheese was bought to market in November 2022. 

Greg Parsons from Sharpham Dairy, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to see Rushmore go for Gold, then go on to win the entire category as Champion Cheese.

"We all take pride in our work and strive to produce the best cheese, so this recognition goes such a long way.”

Rushmore cheese 

  • Taste profile - With refreshing acidity, Rushmore is rich and creamy in flavour with subtle floral sweetness and a lingering finish.

  • Serving suggestion - A delicious conversation starter enjoyed on its own, or delicious as part of a cheeseboard, in a salad or crumbled over a ratatouille. Sensational paired with light-bodied, aromatic white and rose wines, such as sauvignon blanc or a well-chilled sparkling wine from Devon.

Nicky Parsons, from Sharpham Dairy, added:  "We’ve all got a soft spot for Rushmore here as, like many of our cheeses, it’s a bit different and very special. It’s had an amazing year.

"We have people especially asking for it at shows. Many of the best cheeses have been made by a happy accident and Rushmore has been ever so well-received since we brought it out.”