A DEVON insurance broker has recently taken on a new specialist to help with the agricultural side of the business. 

Tiverton based Lloyd & Whyte Community Broking have welcomed Sue Turner to their team. She has Cert CII qualifications and has been in insurance for more than 25 years - and much of her experience is in the agricultural sector. 

“We understand the challenges you face and can help you find the appropriate cover to protect your livelihood," she said.

"We work with you to identify and minimise risk and support you during any claims process."

Paul Short, managing director of the firm, says that finding the right farm and agricultural insurance in the south west can be challenging.

“Knowing the potential pitfalls in any given area has always meant we can provide more accurate quotes as we understand the issues," he added.

"We have always been strong when it comes to agricultural insurance no matter what size of farm you operate. That is why we are delighted to welcome Sue to our knowledgeable team.”