A FARM shop in Gillingham has had three new high-powered EV chargers installed.

The new chargers have been installed at the Udder Farm Shop.

The 75kW chargers are compatible with every EV on the market today, adding 100 miles of range in 35 minutes, depending on the vehicle model and its battery.

The chargers are designed with simple payment for drivers, accepting contactless bank cards, Apple/Google Pay, the Osprey App and RFID card payments as well as payments through all major third-party payment methods including fleet cards.

The chargers were installed by Osprey Charging, which has installed more than 800 charge points across Great Britain

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said: “We’re delighted to launch this flagship charging location that brings the latest in rapid charging technology to Dorset.

"Osprey now has over 800 charge points installed across the UK, each carefully designed to maximise space, accessibility and availability and made to the latest and highest standards.

"This new charging site at the Udder Farm Shop in Gillingham is a vital part of the re-charging network that will enable the decarbonisation of transport in the UK.”

As EV uptake increases across the country ahead of the 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, more and more of Dorset’s visitors will look for EV charging as standard.