FARMERS and agricultural workers are being asked to advance their careers in Western Australia. 

Under the terms of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed two years ago, the two countries agreed to open up a special visa scheme to allow British citizens the chance of working in Australia.

The Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot (IECSEP) was established to offer a smoother pathway for early career professionals and innovators, but the window for new applications closes on November 20 2023. 

There are various opportunities for innovaters in the program, and one of the main industries is agriculture. 

To apply for the scheme, click here.

There are two streams under the IECSEP: 

  • Early Careers Skills stream - This will allow participants to undertake a short-term placement, secondment, or intra-corporate transfer for up to one year in Australia.
  • Innovation stream - This will allow highly skilled and experienced participants, with a demonstrated contribution to innovation, to undertake opportunities for up to three years in Australia.

A spokesperson for the scheme said: "Western Australia is a major player globally in the emerging critical mineral industry, renewable energy and medical technology. 

"It also boasts higher wages and a cheaper cost of living compared to Britain, along with the lifestyle benefits of a state which enjoys over 200 days of sunshine every year.

"Total visas available under the IECSEP will be 1,000 in the first year, and 2,000 in the second year of operation, during which the program will be reviewed.

"While the scheme runs across the whole country, Western Australia is pushing the opportunities the state offers - both for employment and lifestyle."