A CORNISH MP wore the emblem of Back British Farming Day during Prime Minister's Questions to show his support for farmers and growers across the county. 

Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, wore a wheatsheaf pin badge made of wool and wheat sourced from UK farms. 

He said he was 'proud' to show his support for the farmers and growers in West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

“As a food-loving nation, the work our farmers do is not only a vital part of the country’s social fabric, but also a valuable contributor to our local and national economies, with food and farming worth more than £127 billion to the national bank and employing more than 4 million people nationwide," the MP added.

“The British people clearly value our farmers too, as a new NFU survey reveals that the public rank farming as one of the most favourable occupations, second only to nursing.

“The same survey showed that 88% of respondents thought it is important to maintain or increase the UK’s food self-sufficiency, which currently stands at 60%. This underscores the importance of having food production targets, just as we do for the environment, as we strive to build our nation’s food security."

Back British Farming Day (September 13) is a celebration and appreciation of the high-quality food that farmers and growers produce for the country.