UPLAND farmers on Dartmoor and Exmoor attended a meeting to discuss ticks and tick-borne diseases last month. 

The meeting was organised by EHFN, Dartmoor Hill Farm Project, in collaboration with the Torch Farm Vets, Castle Veterinary Group,  Moredun, Elanco and NSA following various discussions with farmers about the significant issues they're facing.

A spokesperson for Exmoor Hill Farming Network said ticks are a current problem and 'effective prevention and treatment of the issues they bring requires a multi-pronged approach'. 

"We were delighted to hold our first meeting at the new Blackmoor Gate Market with over 40 farmers and landowners," the spokesperson added.

"Special thanks to Mike Glover, Torch Farm Vets, Tom Burge, local farmer who shared his own experiences and Beth Wells from Moredun Research Institute. 

"Significant work is still needed to get a potential Louping Ill vaccine to the market and all partner organisations will be facilitating support where we can."