Despite July being one of the dampest in recent years, visitors are flocking to Cornwall and clotted cream teas are giving the local economy a boost. According to Visit Cornwall, more than five million people visit the county every year during the annual summer holidays. This is a welcome boon for the region’s producers as the demand for food in the region skyrockets. At the heart of this lies a love for a traditional cream tea. Freshly baked scones adorned with jam and rich clotted cream are a must-have treat and at one producer, Trewithen Dairy, sales are soaring with a remarkable surge in clotted cream sales,

During the peak summer months between May and September, Trewithen Dairy plans to produce an astonishing 55.77 tonnes of their renowned clotted cream in various formats, including 56g, 114g, 200g, and 400g pots. This volume alone would equate to nearly 100,000 cream teas with an estimated 10 million more cream teas expected to be consumed through Trewithen’s business providing clotted cream into other retailers.

Trewithen Dairy Cornish clotted cream bears the all important PDO stamp. This stands for Protected Designation of Origin and means that it is produced, processed and prepared in Cornwall using recognised methods or skills. 

One of Trewithen Dairy's partners, farmer Matt Rowe of Tredinnick Farm, plays a crucial role in helping meet the demand. During the peak holiday season milk production at his farm increases by 20 per cent with more milk sold in August and September than any other time of the year. He said: “Everybody loves a cream tea and it's brilliant. We aim our profile to fit a 20 per cent increase during the summer to cope with the demand in Cornwall. We try and maximise our returns so at this time of year we do produce more milk for the tourists.

“We’re lucky to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world, with clotted cream made from cows that are all raised and grazed in Cornwall a delicious reminder of this county.”

Francis Clarke, director of Trewithen Dairy, said: “It’s always lovely to see so many people coming to Cornwall for their holidays, and it's wonderful to know that our clotted cream holds a special place in the hearts of those who visit us. Even after they return home, people want to enjoy the taste of Cornwall, and that's great news for our business and Cornwall's dairy farmers, who work hard to provide the finest milk for our cherished products.”

Beyond the classic cream tea, clotted cream enhances a wide range of summer recipes, from sweet to savoury. And as Cornwall continues to flourish as a top holiday destination, eTrewithen Dairy’s clotted cream will continue to provide a delicious reminder of a region that is lovd by so many, as when the holiday season is over, Trewithen Dairy sales of clotted cream continue to remain robust through its online shop all year round.