Stags auctioneers at Tavistock Livestock Centre report a that smaller than usual entry at their August Fair Sale of Cattle & Sheep met a stronger than anticipated trade. Trade overall probably slightly dearer than last month despite the beef price dropping with an excellent amount of buyers around the ring.

In the cattle pens a total of 171 cattle met a near 100% clearance and topped at £1700 for a 3 ½ yo Hereford x cow with her 4mo steer calf at foot from Ms K Langley, Mary

Tavy. Ms K Langley had a lovely run of 10 Cows and Calves with the majority being 5 – 6yo cows and a mixture of steers and heifers that averaged £1460.

In the store cattle pens prices topped at £1300 for a grand pen of 8 17mo Limousine x steers from Mr A J Eggins, Roborough.

Grazing cows met a decent trade despite the cows price dropping and topped at £1255 for a 9yo South Devon cow from Mr J W Hillson, Bere Alston (not FABBL). This was followed at £1170 for a yo Charolias x cow from Mr W A Uglow, Milton Abbot (not FABBL). Mr J W Hillson also had other cows to £1100 and £1095; Mrs E Cornish, Dousland had a run of Devon cows to £1050.

Store cattle heifers sold to £1085 for a 24mo Aberdeen Angus from Mr W A Uglow, Milton Abbot; who also had 2 16mo Charolais x steers to £1110. Other notable store cattle prices included £1080 for a 18mo South Devon steer from Mrs J M Webster & Miss J C Harrison, Lydford; £1040 for 4 14mo South Devon steers from Messrs G T J & A R Medland, Peter Tavy who also had 4 13mo Charolais x steers to £980; £1010 for an average 34mo Limousine x heifer from Mr H T Davis, Chagford; £970 for 2 17mo Saler x steers from Messrs J & S Eggins, Yelverton who also had 2 15mo Welsh Black x steers to £920; £920 for 2 12mo Charolais x steers from Messrs R A, L K, & D R Cole, Lydford; £820 for 8 11-12mo Charolais x steers from Messrs Abel Bros, Peter Tavy who also had a pen of 8 11-12mo Charolais x heifers to £745; and £740 for 3 11-12mo Devon steers from Messrs D & A Hutchins, Tavistock.

Just a handful of sheep put forward met a buoyant trade where many more could have been sold. The forthcoming sale dates see Stags head into a busy time of year for the market with the first Mule Ewe Lamb Show and Sale and St Johns sheep fair both in early September. A handful of breeding ewes saw the best for Cheviot and Suffolk x ewes reach £155, £148 and £142 looking well sold early in the season from Mr R F Hill, Lewdown. Store lambs to £75 for Cheviot Ram Lambs from Mr Liam Mills, Tavistock Best Grazing ewes saw Mules from F G & D M Penwill, Mary Tavy top at £90.50