Austrailian feeder manufacturers Advantage Feeders have appointed a new company to be their UK distributor

Wise Agriculture, of North Yorkshire has been appointed GB distributor for Advantage Feeders livestock feeding systems.

Headquartered in Victoria, Australia, and formerly known as 3IN1Feeders, Advantage Feeders offers an extensive range of grain and pellet feeders designed to optimise productivity in beef, dairy and sheep.

Gerard Roney, managing director of Advantage Feeders said: "Advantage Feeders promotes ‘little and often’ controlled feeding by utilising stock’s saliva production to manage feed intakes. This improves rumen function and digestibility, which increases feed conversion rates to achieve higher output on lower feed input”

According to Mr Roney, the partnership with Wise Agriculture will support the company’s mission of providing new innovative feeding solutions to British farmers and allow it to continue to provide a high level of customer service to existing and future customers.

Based near Richmond, North Yorkshire and established in 2018 by livestock farmers Edward and Laura Wise, Wise Agriculture specializes in premium livestock handling, data recording and animal welfare solutions for beef, dairy and sheep producers. The business is the UK distributor of Landquip’s Porta-Yards sheep handling portfolio and is the primary UK dealer of Arrowquip cattle handling equipment.

“We are excited to partner with Advantage Feeders and work alongside them to enhance customer experience and availability of advanced feeding solutions to livestock producers,” says Edward Wise, managing director of Wise Agriculture. “Their commitment to quality, service and product development aligns with our company ethos as we strive to provide tools to farmers to enhance their resource utilisation and profitability.”

Since launching in the UK in 2012, Advantage Feeders have been popular options for British producers looking to maximise performance with homegrown feeds and pasture conversion.

Trial work has found Advantage Feeders to increase growth rates by 0.5kg/day in store cattle grazing fodder crops and supplemented with homegrown barley while simultaneously decreasing forage intakes by 3kg/day.

In a UK sheep trial, lambs that were creep fed with Advantage Feeders grew 9% faster than the control group, allowing the farm to achieve an 11% premium by having lambs sold three weeks earlier. Ewes fed with Advantage Feeders on the same farm were also able to have increased ewe stocking rates by 50%, for an overall profit increase of 208% compared to the control group.

“As livestock producers work to future-proof their businesses against unstable markets and challenging weather conditions, strategic investments to help them maximise homegrown feed utilisation and optimise livestock performance will be essential,” concludes Mr Wise. “We are looking forward to working with Advantage Feeders to not only deliver quality tools to help achieve this but the technical support and service for farmers to help them see a return on investment.”